How We Choose The Best Computer?

The computer is the main thing that we require most these days. It is the best electronic item which is the need for everyone at present. If you want to purchase the best one, then you should consider some of the following things. There are many websites available in the market which provides you with the proper buying guide of the computer, but if you are looking for the best website, then you must check Keuze Helper. This will help you to select the right choice for you.

When we are selecting the best computer, then we always keep some of the important things in our mind. We will discuss that important thing which should we consider as such as:


  • Reviews and ratings

While we are looking for the best electronic gadget, then we always check the reviews of that particular item. Most of the website provides the reviews, but you are not sure that is right or not. If you are choosing that particular website, then you will take the correct reviews related to them, and you don’t have any doubt regarding it.

  • Variety of computers

In this website, you will also find the variety of computers as like on another website. You will find the best computer varieties on this website and at the reasonable rate which is easily affordable for everyone. When you are reaching at this website, then you will find the different types of a computer with the latest features. You will be able to opt for the best suitable for you.


It is all about the information regarding Keuze Helper. It is the best website if you are going to purchase the best computer or any other electronic items. This will give you the best information if you want to get more information and after that select the best one then it is the best option for you.

Effective Fat burner For Women

Women are always worried about the way they look and while some women take a lot of effort to eat smaller meals and exercise on a regular basis they still do not manage to look the way they always wanted to. One of the main reasons for losing weight is a low metabolism rate and in case you have been struggling for a long time to lose weight but you have not managed to lose weight as effectively as wanted to then you should consider investing in the right kind of fat burners available for women. There are a number of different kinds of fat burners available in the market and if you are keen on investing in a good quality fat burner then you should check out some of the best fat burners that SHEER-THERMO-The-1-Best-Fat-Burning-Thermogenic-Supplement--Proven-Science-Based-Formula-With-Yohimbe-Yohimbine--Burn-Fat-Lose-Weight-Fast-With-The-Most-Effective-Fat-Burner-For-Women-Men-0

There are a number of things that you need to keep in mind before purchasing a fat burner and one of the most essential things that you should always remember is to invest in a fat burner that is specifically designed for you to burn fat after you workout. While some fat burners claim to help you lose weight even without exercise you should stay away from them mainly because they do not help you lose weight in a healthy manner and it doesn’t benefit your body in any way.top6fatburners

If you want to keep your heart healthy and you want to keep your cholesterol in control then exercising is extremely essential and just medication is not going to work. The right fat burners help controlling your metabolism levels which means that you start losing weight a lot faster. While there are various kinds of fat burners available in the market it is essential for you to invest in one that does not have too many chemicals present as this is not extremely good for your body.

This Is How You Can Treat Tonsil Stones

A sore throat or a throat infection is one of the most common problems that everyone faces. Tonsils usually prevent dirt and bacteria from entering your system and instead they swell up when an infection is about to occur. While it is a good idea to keep your tonsils intact it is also essential for you to keep them healthy. tonsil stone removalA lot of people do not realize that apart from a sore throat or a tonsil infection there is another condition that is quite common which is called tonsil stones. This is nothing but the accumulation of nucleus and dirt that forms a lump on your tonsils. While this condition is not dangerous in any way it can be very annoying and cause a lot of discomfort to the person who has it.tonsil stone removal Since tonsil stones will not come out on their own they continue to grow and this means you will continue to suffer from a throat infection over and over again. Although this condition is common people confuse tonsil stones with a sore throat and miss out on treating the tonsils. If you are detected with tonsil stones you need to consider the most effective method for tonsil stone removal.

It is easy to treat smaller tonsil stones since they can be removed with home remedies. Larger tonsil stones however will require medical attention in order for you to get rid of them. The sooner you identify tonsil stones the better it is for you since the longer a tonsil stone stays in your mouth the more likely is the growth of bacteria on it and this means you will start to suffer. If you do not suffer from tonsil stones and you do not intend on getting this condition you need to ensure that you maintain good oral and dental hygiene at all times.

Look Great Instantly

If you have thought about the using the vibration machine and you are keen on learning more about how these vibration machines help you to lose weight then you need to check out and see what people who have actually used the services have to say about it. While there are a number of people these days that are overweight and try various ways to lose weight u lipo sessions work in a magical way and is the healthiest way to lose weight. In case you’re wondering what u Lipo is all about you need to understand that this method of weight loss is similar to a liposuction however it does not include the surgery. U Lipo machines help to melt body fat which is then discarded from the body non-surgically. It is a great way to target problematic areas and lose weight without having to put in any effort. One of the best things about a u Lipo session is that you can burn as much body fat as you want and you do not need to adjust your lifestyle or your daily routine. While people need to take holidays in order to undergo a liposuction, you do not need to do any such thing when it comes to u Lipo sessions. Liposuction procedures are very painful and you can be bed ridden for days while u lipo is painless and you can lead your routine life without any problems. fitness-trends-vibration

A u Lipo session could be conducted 1 to 2 times a week and it takes up about an hour for each session. While a u lipo session starts off slowly however once the body gets used to it you can end up losing up to 4 to 6 inches of fat on in one session alone and this will help you to shape up very fast.emerkk3oe

Since there is no surgery involved and there are no medications that you are required to take you u lipo is one of the safest ways to lose weight. Normal weight loss medications are usually very harmful for the body and if it is taken for long durations it can damage vital organs. Surgery is also not the best thing that you could do to your body and a lot of people usually end up in a lot of pain and irritation post surgery. U lipo sessions are perfect for people of all age groups and genders. If you want to get thin and burn body fat then you should visit the nearest u Lipo Clinic and check out what facilities they have to provide. Once you learn about the services all you need to do is plan your schedule and stick to it so you ensure you meet all your appointments and complete all your errands. Before going in for a u lipo session you need to make sure you get all your blood tests done to check your health and ensure that your body can cope with this.

Increasing Your Instagram Followers

Instagram is one of the biggest social networking sites in the world alongside Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr. Creating an account is extremely easy and you don’t have to pay any registration fee or anything like that. Getting followers is the tricky part in Instagram as well as any other social media accounts. You have to think about amazing content and designs when posting your pictures so people would want to follow you. There are other ways to gain followers, a way is when you best way to buy Instagram followers.

Of course you can just go the traditional way and compel users to follow your account but if there was an easy and legal way to do it, then why not? Other users before you have done it and now their accounts are thriving with organic users. The decision is ultimately yours, so choose wisely.


The internet is filled with websites that often state that they can help account owners gain incredible amounts of followers and likes for a considerable price. Now keep in mind that not everything you see on the internet is true and there will always be similar websites end up as scams; users trust the stated services, pay a fee, receive nothing and never hear from them again. is nothing like those sites and people have paid for their services before and are quite satisfied with what they received. If you’re interested in purchasing followers from them, then they offer the following packages:

  • 250 followers for only $3.95
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  • 10,000 followers for only $47.95

All these packages have amazing quality and are delivered within 24 hours of a completed transaction. They assure clients of a hundred percent satisfaction guarantee. If you look at the prices for all the offers, they are quite affordable. High quality Instagram likes can also be bought and they offer the following packages, take note that they’ll be delivered after 24 hours of a complete transaction.


  • 100 likes for $1.95
  • 250 likes for $2.95
  • 500 likes for $3.95
  • 1,000 likes for $4.95
  • 2,500 likes for $9.95
  • 5,000 likes for $17.95
  • 10,000 likes for $34.95
  • 25,000 likes for $74.95

CBD Oil and Concentration Power

There is a rising trend of health consciousness amongst people of all ages. Be it mental or physical health, and there is far more awareness as compared to a decade ago. And with that, there is a range of products getting acknowledged for their benefits for the body and mind. One such therapeutic product is Nuleaf Naturals’ CBD oil.

About CBD Oil

Derived from the cannabis plant, it contains the cannabinoid compound. Unlike marijuana, it cannot cause addiction since it is not psychoactive. According to research, CBD oil has numerous health benefits that remains unknown to many. Be it pain, depression, epilepsy, acne, or even anxiety, and it provides solutions to all of them. The most asked question is- how to use CBD oil for anxiety? Well, it is advised to discuss the dosage with your doctor. However, people prefer consuming a few drops in their smoothies, food, etc.

Increasing Concentration

Proliferating symptoms of hypertension and restlessness lead to lack of concentration amongst individuals. There can be multiple causes for the hampering of concentration power. However, the most common a  behind messed concentration is a spike in stress level or poor sleep. When we get stressed acutely or haven’t slept well, we release large amounts of Cortisol chemicals. It hinders our minds from doing tasks attentively. The brain gets prone to distractions and diversions.

CBD oil is found to sharpen the focus of the mind miraculously. It interacts with the endocannabinoid system in the body and helps in decreasing stress levels, fixing sleep cycles, and hence, sharpen mind concentration. It plays a great role in calming down the brain and blocking unnecessary thoughts. Doctors have even claimed to solve disorders like Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder that obstruct the focus of the mind through the divine drops of CBD oil.

Is the NFL the National Communist League?

Conservatives love to get on their soap boxes and scream about how the Democrats are bringing Socialism to the United States, turning their beloved country into the second coming of the Soviet Union.

Well, they might not want to hear this: Socialism already exists in this country. And come the first Sunday in February, many conservatives will be supporting it when they tune in to watch the biggest sporting event of the year.

The National Football League runs its organization in a way that would make Joseph Stalin sit up and salute. And nobody seems to care – in fact, many view the NFL as the template of how every major sports league should be run. None of this free-market capitalism that Major League Baseball runs; restricting salaries and forcing teams to split revenue equally is the way to go.

Now, it’s true that most sports leagues in America use similar tactics that don’t really seem to be free market. After all, every league has a player draft where the best amateur players go to the worst teams rather than allow them to begin their careers with the club of their choosing. But everything the NFL does takes it to an extreme level that Rush Limbaugh and Bill O’Reilly would normally have a field day with.

First there’s the salary cap. Yes, the NBA and NHL use one also. But the NFL uses the hardest cap of all, forcing teams to cut their payroll every off season – which often leads to players who helped those teams for years and became fan favorites getting cut without even a “thank you for al your years of hard work.” This even happens to the Super Bowl champs.

Then there are the TV restrictions. The NFL is the only league that doesn’t allow its teams to have their own television broadcasts, forcing fans to tune in to the national broadcast. If Dallas Cowboys fans want to hear the voice of someone who cares about their team, they have to settle for Brad Sham on the radio. Otherwise, they have to endure Joe Buck’s endless droning on the Fox broadcast.

They might not even get that choice at all in some towns. The league has a blackout rule for the home team’s city if the game doesn’t sell out. If you can’t get 80,000 people to buy the last $75 nosebleed seats and pay $60 to park at the stadium, the other three million people in the area don’t get to watch the game, period.

The league is trying to restrict the TV broadcasts even further with the advent of the NFL Network. Deciding that they don’t really like having games broadcast by announcers who work for a TV network and not for them, the league has started moving more and more high-profile games onto their own cable network. Then, when fans complain about not being able to watch the games, they turn around and blame the cable companies for making the NFL Network a premium package channel, instead of giving up a basic cable slot to a network that most people won’t watch more than 16 to 20 days a year.

And you know that rule every league has about how its telecasts “may not be re-broadcast without express written consent?” In the NFL, it might as well be “may not be re-broadcast at all.” If you tune in to ESPN Classic, you can see a lot of old baseball, basketball and college football games played in their entirety, but not NFL games. You can watch NFL Films videos, which are chopped up and pasted together by the league to show only the best highlights. But if you’re a Denver Broncos fan, don’t expect to find a full replay of Super Bowl 32 somewhere.

As if all that wasn’t bad enough, the league has now taken to restricting the news media and how they cover the league. Local TV stations are no longer allowed to bring their own cameras to a game – all stations in one area must share a single camera provided by the league and all use the exact same footage. Still photographers are still allowed on the sidelines – but only if they wear vests adorned with logos of league sponsors, forcing objective journalists to contribute to the league’s shilling.

These last two examples show the most glaring example of how close the NFL is to Communist Russia – the league is attempting to prevent the news media from publishing anything bad about them. This is the league that bullied ESPN into canceling its critically acclaimed fictional series “Playmakers” because they didn’t like how it negatively portrayed football players. The same league that allowed Leonard Little to still play after he killed someone while driving drunk. And allowed Michael Vick to come back after spending two years in prison for animal abuse.

So if anyone who made anti-Socialism speeches at a Congressional town hall meeting tunes into the Super Bowl this year, that person may want to look up the word “hypocrisy.”Because Roger Goodell and Paul Tagliabue have done more to bring Socialism into the U.S. than Barack Obama ever could.

Sports and religious ideologies are two entirely different spectrums and if the two are mixed together, then it is a recipe for disaster which can not only lead to dire consequences but the sports genre itself will be tarnished as the field will become a 안전놀이터 and players will behave like roman warriors fighting it out for the kingdom.

Electrical services – How to select the right one?

If you don’t want to face an electric related issue, then one should hire a certified electrical expert who will able to rewire the house and will able to replace the socket.  Try to make contact with the certified and reputed contractor. Try to identify the good provider by analyzing the reviews. Opt for a provider who has been available in business for a lot of years. 

Almost 25000 certified electric contractors are out there, and the user should opt for the best one. By investing proper time in research, one can easily avail the best electrical contractor. While choosing an electrical contractor, one should pay close attention to the professional & academic credentials properly. One should opt for a genuine electrical service provider that will able to offer top-notch quality services at nominal worth.  Keep reading the article and get to know more regarding the best electrician.

  • Quality of services

Plenty of contractors are out there that are offering electricity professionals. One must opt for the best electrician who will able to offer top-notch quality services to the users. You will have to choose highly specialized contractors that can offer the best services to the users. Before choosing the contractors, one should pay close attention to a particular area of expertise. Users should opt for electrical contractor Brisbane because they are offering genuine services.

  • Special contractors

There are so many contractors are out there who are specialize in a variety of fields. It is highly recommended that one should always opt for a highly specialized and knowledgeable electrical who will able to fix the complicated issue in the electricity system with ease.

In addition, make sure that you are considering a contractor who has a sufficient amount of knowledge related to the national and local regulations. 

Learning about Fingernail Fungus and the Best Treatment Against it

Your body needs testogen to maintain its good shape, but your fingernails require certain treatment to combat fingernail fungi. You have ten fingers where fingernail fungus may strike, but there are many more than ten reasons to eliminate fingernail fungus. Nail fungus can make your nails brittle and jagged, and the embarrassing appearance of nail fungus can put a dent in your self confidence. If left untreated, nail fungus can spread to other areas of the body, where it may pose serious health risks. It is not difficult to eliminate fingernail fungus, but many people who contract this annoyance let it spread and develop simply because they don’t know the facts about how to get rid of it. To protect yourself, learn the facts and the fiction on fungus.

Many people believe that fingernail fungus is a result of poor hygiene, which gives sufferers an undeserved social stigma. The truth is that you can’t contract nail fungus just from being slovenly, and you can’t eliminate fingernail fungus by washing, scrubbing, or following any kind of cleansing regimen. This myth may have gotten started because many skin and nail problems are due to bacterial infections, which you can banish with soap. However, soap won’t affect a fungus. To eliminate fingernail fungus, you need to kick your immune system into high gear.

Another common fiction is that you will catch fingernail fungus by being in a communal area where bare feet are exposed, like a locker room, or a public shower. However, the truth about where the fungus that can attack your nails usually comes from is actually much less predictable. Despite the enduring mythology to the contrary, you are no more likely to catch nail fungus in a locker room or school gymnasium than you are anywhere else, and avoiding these areas won’t help you eliminate fingernail fungus. Because nail fungus is not highly contagious between people, factors other than exposure often come into play. Many healthy people are exposed to this kind of fungus every day, as it can be found anywhere including lodged in soil, floating in water, or even in the air.

Most of the time, when you are exposed to these fungus particles, your immune system fights off the intruder before it can take hold and appear in your nails or nail beds. When fingernail fungus does appear, it is often because your immune system isn’t as strong as it ought to be. Studies show that people whose immune systems are somehow compromised, due to the strain of waging a battle against another illness, or due to poor nutrition or health, are most likely to develop nail fungus. Taking care of yourself and eating right to boost your immune system will help you prevent and eliminate fingernail fungus. Make oranges and other foods containing vitamin C a part of your daily life, and you’ll keep your immune system strong and ready to fight fingernail fungus.

If you do contract fingernail fungus, your pharmaceutical treatment options are unfortunately fairly limited, and somewhat costly. Some people claim to have found success through holistic remedies, such as applying a solution of white vinegar to their nails, but no rigorous research has been done to support the vinegar treatment. Although there are many topical crèmes and gels available over the counter that promise to eliminate fingernail fungus, science tells us that attacking nail fungus from the surface, whether with a homemade remedy or with a commercially available product, is almost always a fruitless form of treatment. Depending on where your fingernail fungus resides, you may have success with a topical laquer, but if fungus has grown on the white portion of your nails, known as the “lunula,” no externally applied remedy can reach it.

Because finger nails are meant to protect the delicate skin underneath, they are by their nature very hard surfaces. This makes it difficult, and often impossible, for anything you apply to the outer face of your nails to penetrate through the nail to the skin of the nail bed, which is where fungal infections lurk. Ironically, once fingernail fungus develops, your body’s own natural defenses can make it difficult for you to eliminate fingernail fungus once it takes hold.

To give your system the artificial boost that it needs in order to eliminate fingernail fungus, your doctor will probably recommend one of a number of antifungal medications, most of which are taken orally over a period of several months. In extreme cases, fingernail fungus can migrate to other areas of the body, leaving sufferers with lasting health problems, so it is important to seek treatment if you notice fungal symptoms like flaky, brittle, or discolored nails. Because you know the facts and fiction about fingernail fungus, you will be able to have an articulate, easy conversation with your doctor about how to treat the problem.

Notes in Coming up with an Ideal CBD Vaping Setup today

There are many vaping options and setups available today. Although it sounds great, it makes difficult for some to find the right setup for them. That’s true especially if you’re vaping for medicinal purposes, such as planning to vape CBD e-juices. It’s common to find CBD juul pods benefits along with other choices which confuse you as a buyer. 

Hence, you must know how to come up with the best setup for CBD vaping. 

What’s the Proper Setup for Vaping CBD E-Juices? 

First, know the most suitable vaping equipment for you. Today, there’s vaping oil cartridges, pods and pens among other options. 

Vaping pens are the most suitable for beginners. They have built-in e-juices, batteries and coils, so they’re ready to use after unboxing. However, disposable vaping pens are only good for few hundred puffs before you must throw it away. Unless, you’d purchase refillable vaping pens which require some maintenance and cleaning. 

Next are the cartridges, which are small and thin cylindrical tanks that carries the CBD e-juice or oil. |They typically contain 0.5ml to 1ml of CBD e-juice. You need a compatible e-cigarette battery to use it up. 

Last general option you have are the pods. You can purchase disposable or refillable variants depending on which you see fits. You can refill them up with CBD oil or e-juices, especially the more viscous mixtures. 

After knowing the right vaping device for you, put in consideration the recommended CBD dosage by your physician. Always refer to each device and pack of e-juice to know the CBD dosage they carry. Remember not to push yourself too hard on first usage. Start with small puffs with around 10 minutes intervals to let the CBD take effect. 

Finally, remember to find a set with minimal watt rates. As small as 15 to 30 watts is great for CBD e-juices. Higher watt rates are only good for typical e-juices which don’t carry any medicinal benefits. 

There you have it. These are the notes you must remember in coming up an ideal CBD vaping setup. Keep this as your guide to help you. 

How Is ELO boosting Connected To League of Legends?

In our modern generation, the world of online gaming is becoming more competitive in nature as a lot of players aim to advance their ranking and beat their opponents. League of Legends is one of the most popular competitive gaming that gamers across the globe are highly engaged into. With its amazing graphics, crazy gameplay and spectacular heroes, it is no doubt that the number of players playing this amazing game has been significantly increasing. To help players advance in the game, services like ELO boosting emerged in the gaming community.

Basically, ELO boosting is the process of increasing the rank of the accounts of the players. Allowing a third party usually known as booster to win games on it technically does this. Most of the time, ranked ELO boosting is a service that needs to be paid because this process requires skills and time to boost accounts in LOL. There are also other benefits or advantages of using ELO boosting service. First, players can have an easy payment method. By just using your credit card or PayPal account, you can easily set your payment and enjoy the game. Secondly, it is also easy to register and log in. All you have to do is to create an account and confirm it using your email. Consequently, you just have to add some of your personal details and you are all set. Lastly, you can also ensure the safety and protection of your accounts when using ELO boosting service. 

Generally, ELO boosting service is really helpful to players especially for those who are having a hard time to increase their ranking in the game. Hence, if you want to increase your creep score and ranking, go now and visit elo boosters website and experience its amazing benefits.

Crazy Over Bitcoin – Should You Jump Into The Frenzy?

Investors and the media are all going into fever-pitch frenzy with the Bitcoin Revolution. As Bitcoin prices soar, a lot of millionaires have been created over the past year. This prompted many investors to take action.

Bitcoin, the leading cryptocurrency in the world, is showcased to be the new money or alternative to fiat money because of its rising value. However, this has also inspired Bitcoin imitators to create the same blockchain-backed digital currency in the hope that they could be the one to truly make that breakthrough and replace money for good.

Will Bitcoin Replace Fiat Money?

Bitcoin has been a phenomenal ride for many investors. As many financial and consumer corporations, major banks, and even governments have been supportive of Bitcoin, this endorsed Bitcoin as a surefire worthy investment.

Many investors are excited the idea of getting into Bitcoin, dubbed to be the “next big thing” because it basically rides into the idea of buying when the prices are low and then selling when the prices are high. The idea too that anyone can buy and profit online with Bitcoin has been transormative and alluring.

People have been sold on the idea of Bitcoin as the future currency because it’s safe, anonymous, and has no middlemen. However, unlike money, Bitcoin is not a medium of exchange. It can be a unit of value or an asset but not a solid medium of exchange.

The Bitcoin craze is said to be a cryptobubble that’s waiting to burst. It’s a wild west out there and a very volatile one. Many scammers have also taken advantage of the Bitcoin craze and started collecting fund for so-called Initial Coin Offerings or ICO that would never progress or materialize. The intent of some ICOs is just to rip people off and deceive.

So, would Bitcoin replace money in entirety? Not likely.

Bitcoin Mining And Its Functionalities

We all know where the money comes from. As every currency is controlled by a centralised organisation, the notes having several values for money get printed and distributed. The organisation itself decides when to print the money and how to distribute it. The entire process is especially framed to manage the whole properly. What about Bitcoin? Bitcoin evolution let us know about digital currency. It is also a currency, but where does it come from? This is common question whirls in the mass. In this blog we will address this query.

The process of creating Bitcoin is called Bitcoin mining. How does it work actually? Well, the miners use special software to figure out math problems and issue a certain number o Bitcoin in exchange. This is the smartest way to issue cryptocurrency that enables people to earn incentive for mining.

For the security purpose, the miners make sure to keep the network away from all possible threats. They approve the transactions and keep it secure. It is a process where the transaction records are added to the public ledger in the form of blocks. The trail of transaction is secured by blockchain technology. The blocks are used to confirm the transaction.

Bitcoin nodes on the other hand are designated to segregate legitimate transactions from those which are processed for re-spending coins which are already used somewhere else.

Bitcoin mining is resource-intensive and challenging; this is the reason why the number of blocks determined by the miners remains steady. Each block must have the proof of valid work and this is reviewed by the nodes. The miners get incentive for their work and this serves the purpose of generating new coins for the users and motivating people towards security of the system. Thus mining plays a crucial role in keeping Bitcoin transaction secure, stable and safe.

Top Five Reasons Why Online Shopping Is Trending

With the introduction of newer technology, people are moreover overwhelmed with the options of online shopping. Online shopping is the most trending aspect that is taking over traditional shopping.

Millions of individuals are shifting themselves from traditional shopping to online shopping. However, have you pondered about the reasons behind online shopping being the trendiest option? If yes, then here we are presenting the primary reasons responsible for it.

Top 5 reasons for online shopping in the trend

  • Better deals:

In the online shopping option, you are provided with better deals as you get to compare the different site rates and quality. Making the comparison, it allows you to know the convenient option of the better online shopping options. Instead of roaming from store to store or aisle to aisle, you can get these only by sitting at home only.

  • Price benefits:

online shopping marts allow you to have the price benefits, whereas the traditional ones do not. Online you are provided with the different sales such as Black Friday sales, end of the month sales, and many other sales options. These benefits are not attainable at the traditional stores.

  • Preview of reviews:

How about getting the complete the detail of the product and personal experience of the one even before buying it? Admittedly, it would be a convenient choice to go along with. It can help you to know the quality and duration of a specific product.

The summary

From the details mentioned above, we can surely conclude to the fact that it is not a useful thing to go the online shopping option when you get many pop over to this web site that is offering you different advantages regarding the online shopping but go for one that you find convenient and reliable for yourself.

Fashion Trends to Avoid: My Anti-Look Book

Not everything in fashion and beauty is a super hit. As much as I love writing about trends that I adore, perhaps equally as much there are trends that I don’t. And here recently, I am overwhelmed by how many things I do not like. 

Before I delve any further in this much needed beauty rant, I like to say that I respect anybody else’s style that may incorporate these. Generally speaking, I just don’t think they work. Perhaps this just isn’t my “era” of style; I’m a vintage girl at heart. But these trends – man, oh man – I can’t stand. 

First and foremost: Neon. 

Do people really want to look like a fluorescent roadwork sign? 

I walked into Gordman’s the other day and they have an entire section of neon. Then, I found a similar section in Forever 21. It literally makes me squint. It’s visually offensive, even in the slightest. One website I love for fashion is Chictopia. There are so many great outfits, but then they pair it with a hot pink clutch. What? That kind of attention should be reserved for side-road bicyclists and those officers who direct traffic. 

I mean, the entire outfit gets directed to whatever neon piece you wear. It’s not your fault, per se. It’s how our brains work. Our eye will be drawn to the brightest color first. If that is what you’re wanting then fine. But these accessories – bangles, vests, graphics – just distract from what people could be noticing first, say your curves or long legs. Having a great hair day? You ruin in with your loud earrings. 

And you know what I think is probably the worst combo in my lifetime’s fashion? Neon animal prints. 

Leopards aren’t lime. Nor are they shaded like a highlighter gone mad. It’s like Lisa Frank threw up on your shirt. Stop it. 

Speaking of shirts, why are they so thin? 

At the risk of sounding like a grandma, they just don’t make shirts like they used to. It’s hard to find a single spaghetti strap that doesn’t show your bra underneath (or one without a racerback). Nowadays, you need a cami for your cami. Or if you get a t-shirt, you have to layer it with about 2 under shirts so people don’t see your front girls. The conspiracy theorist in me thinks it’s a way for the clothing companies to make more money. Yeah, “the layered look”! Right… 

And finally, a trend that is entirely overblown: The Sequin Top. 

Are you going for the disco ball look? Want to blind people with the sun’s reflection? Then, this is the look for you. To me, this only works at the “clubs”, which is probably why I’m not fan because I don’t think I’ve ever been to a legit club before. But, I saw a woman at Walmart rocking a sequin top; instead of wearing a Abaya UK dress which is mostly preferred by old ladies who are not comfortable in wearing t-shirts. You know, just grocery shopping. I feel like she should’ve had her own techno soundtrack following her wherever she goes. Drop it like it’s hot, momma. Drop that look, anyway. 

There are all looks we dislike. Maybe all of these are just too futuristic for me. But c’mon, truthfully, any styles you just loathe?