3 Simple Interview Questions To Ask Before Choosing A Toronto SEO Writer

You only need to type SEO on one of the search engines to realize the huge number of SEO writers and companies on the web. But not every Toronto SEO writer is the same. SEO writers vary. There are those that are specifically good with technical information, others with branding and what have you. If you are looking for online visibility and a Toronto SEO writer that matches your style, then you will have to have a number of questions to shoot at your potential Toronto SEO.Toronto SEO

Before The Interview

By reaching this point I am guessing you already have set your SEO goals including a set budget for SEO activities. If you don’t then you will need to come up with the overall goals of the SEO and Budget as without them the SEO writer search process will be futile.

Toronto SEO Questions:

  1. How long have you been doing SEO?

The more experienced the writer, the better for you. It’s also important to get some sample work of the SEO writer. This will give you an idea of whether his/her type of writing is preferable. Furthermore, the more experienced a writer is, the more articles he/she can write. Experienced SEOs are also good at adapting to different SEO guidelines.

  1. How Do You Conduct Your Research?

The research process is vital in creating quality and credible content for your website. A good SEO writer always provides links and publication sources for every article he/she writes.Toronto SEO

  1. How Do You Handle Criticism?

Since no one is perfect in SEO writing, your SEO writer should be able to take criticism positively and change style to meet your needs. They should not be egotistic.


Besides the above, a good Toronto SEO writer should be able to proof read his own work, and be comfortable with your industries style of writing.

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