5 Essential Reminders For A Successful Job Interview

Getting a good job hinges on a successful job interview. Sometimes an interviewer will look past a more qualified person and hire someone who has impressed them more, based on a successful interview.

Whether this is right or wrong will be saved for another time but suffice it to say if they hire you, it is because you have had a successful job interview. Allow me to give you a few tips to help your interview turn into a successful job offer, as these are reminders which applicants have used when foreign recruitment have รับทำ mou.

Get Informed

Go into the interview only after you have armed yourself with all the information about the company you can find. Think how impressive it would be if they ask you “Why do you want to work for this company?” and you could relate your interests to the history and growth of the company, or if they ask you “What do you want to accomplish here if we hire you?” and you could compare your goals with the companies mission statement.

Be Genuine

If you try to fake anything, it will at least put off bad vibes and cause hesitation for the interviewer, which could be fatal. It could cause them to pass you by without them even understanding why. To them, they just ‘had a bad feeling’ about you. Honest, sincere, positive attitude goes a very long way.

Dress Appropriately

Dress for the occasion, the job. Think if you went to a job interview for an executive sales position dressed in jeans, or if you went to an interview for a janitorial position dressed in a three piece suit. It may seem silly but you could miss out on a job offer because you didn’t look like the type of person for the job. It is a very true statement that “You never get a second chance to make a first impression”. Appearance, proportioned to the job itself, is a key part of properly impressing the interviewer. Always dress professionally, wearing clean clothes with no tears, holes or snags. If its a position where you will be dealing with the public, suit up. If its a factory job you may not even need to wear a tie but do dress in such a way that if they were going to hire you based only on how you look, they would at least still want to talk to you.

And on this note, let me give you two secrets that I believe make a very large difference. First, make sure your hair is clean and neat and if you are a guy, your face is groomed. Second, make sure your shoes are clean. Trust me on this.

Ask Questions

Ask them some questions. Not only does this impress the interviewer, but it gives you an opportunity to learn more about the company in case you are offered a second interview. Ask questions about the particular job for which you have applied. Some things to ask about are; your responsibilities, your work schedule, and your dress code. Ask anything that shows you are interested in the job and the company. Write down any feedback they give you. This shows a genuine interest.

Be Confident

Self-confidence can go a long way to impressing people and it is no different in a job interview. People are more receptive to a self-confident person and it shows that you can do the job. Don’t over do it because it comes across as arrogance, which has the opposite effect on people. Being humble is a key ingredient to being confident. Your goal is to sell yourself as the perfect person for the job, not prance around on your high horse, bragging about yourself.

My Example

I once was offered, and I accepted, a job as a salesman at an electronics store and I knew nothing about computers or electronics. I believe it was because I followed the advice I have just given you.