A Comprehensive Guide Of The Real Estate Israel Market

Similar to any other country real  estate Israel is a booming sector. 2012 housing report suggests much of Israeli people own some sort of property. A staggering 67{1106ba093773293be02e547110b8717140c89128816f97cdfdc6e2ba1d45503a} live in their own house and 27{1106ba093773293be02e547110b8717140c89128816f97cdfdc6e2ba1d45503a} of the population lives in rented houses. The Israeli housing department makes low cost housing complexes called shikunim. The country witnessed an inflation in this sector in late 2000s to 2010. The global recession in 2008 and the interest rate cut down led to further price rise in 2009.


The most influential real estate companies of Israel

The real estate sector in Israel is dominated by 7 major agencies-  Amidar company, Azrieli group, Delek, EI-Ad group, Gazit-globe, Housing and Construction Holding Company Limited, Israel Land Development Company. Amidar is responsible for low-cost housing sector buildings. The primary stake-holders in this company is the Israeli  government. Azrieli group makes business complexes and shopping malls. Delek group is the largest. Their expertise lies in making power plants and water plants. They are also involved in insurance, financial services and oil exploration. EI-Ad is a US based real estate company which handles subsidiary  EIad properties. They are responsible for the major landmarks around the country. Gazit-globe is a health care real estate company based in Northern America.

They expertise in making urban shopping centres and health-care facilities. It has presence in both commercial and residential arena. The housing construction and Holding Company Limited is the biggest infrastructure company of this country. It is a market leader and potent player in the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange. Its growth and performance marks the economic growth of Israel. It is the largest construction company in this area. It is entrusted with the most pivotal real estate project of Israel – the shikunim housing project. Not only housing but it is also responsible for other infrastructure projects like buildings roads, highways, airports, ports, railways, sewages treatment plants, factories etc. Israel Land Development Company is amongst the most prestigious conglomerates in Israel. It is involved in real estate and construction. It mainly deals with hotels and energy sector building construction.


Website for real estate purchase.

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All in all,real estate Israel has an excellent prospect in the future.

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