A Review Of On Gold Standard Dietary Supplement With The 100 Percent Natural Whey

On Gold Standard Dietary Supplement with the 100% natural whey is my recent found craze and this is far better than the weird tasting protein drinks. The reason why I love this is that this is formulated for serious professional body builders without compensating on the taste factor.

This is super protein supplement that tastes something like a diluted version of Ovaltine. If you like the Ovaltine taste, then you should be ok with this. Let me caution you that this tastes relatively good when compared to other energy drinks and do not expect it to be delicious like a creamy milk shake.

I am in my early thirties and work out thrice a week. To me this is a energy booster for the post thirty body requirements and this has greatly helped me in saving from the body crash that are frequently observed in housewives of my age group. The On Gold Standard Dietary Supplement gives the confidence and stamina to carry out my duties with perfection at home as well as office without any fatigue. My teenage son depends on this power protein drink to support his rigorous work out sessions at gym.

Gold Standard is one of the best supplements that we have ever had and we are lucky to include it in our diet, with my son including it in almost every food and drink that he consumes everyday and this green superfood is no less than a miracle that transforms your body from a lazy structure into a hard working machine that won’t rest until the task is completed.

When compared to other dietary supplements this is low on calories and carbohydrates. What makes it so effective is the incredible high ratio of carbohydrate to protein. This is a super body builder that along with the regular workout and wholesome healthy diet shows miraculous result in three to four weeks.

It is economical and does not cause any side effects. Moreover this is completely natural free from chemical ingredients or stimulants. This focus on maintaining an ideal nitrogen balance and the dosage is based on the body weight. It would be better to take it before and after workout, as a bedtime beverage and even meal replacement in case of people who are on restricted diet.

I have a problem with the way it gets melted in fluid. I find that this does not readily dissolve and it should be run in a blender or shaker. In that case it mixes well and does not float or stick to the bottom. To add to the taste I add some nuts, fresh fruits and raisins to the smoothie. I would suggest you to take it with milk and not water.

This has artificial sweetening agent stevia and hence it does not taste excessively sweet. To mask the original strange taste o whey powder the natural chocolate flavor does the trick. This makes it acceptable and palatable. After trying the Vanilla flavor and my sad experience with it I have decided to stick with Chocolate version. The Vanilla has an overpowering flavor and it is sweeter.