A Unique Valentine’s Day Craft for Adults

A unique Valentine’s Day craft that adults can do together would be body painting that they can get from paintingkits.net. This can be a fun craft that can also be romantic. There are several different products that people can use for body painting. I have listed a few products with craft ideas for each one. With body painting, you turn yourselves into the craft. Take turns painting on each other and show off your artwork. With body painting, you can see the beauty of turning your bodies into the canvas.

Henna body painting craft:

You will need some stencils and henna painting. Use stencils of hearts and flowers. Buy a fine point tip that is made to go over the henna tubes. This will make for great detailing. Place the stencil over the body part that you wish to paint. Using the henna paint the picture onto your loved one’s body. Unless you want others to see your artwork then put it on areas that can be covered by clothing. Henna stains the skin and has to wear off. It can take up to eight weeks for henna to wear off. You can also use the Henna to write various words of love on each other.

Liquid Latex body painting craft:

First, you will need to put something down to protect your floors. Next, let the container of liquid latex vent before using it. Depending on what you want to paint you will need different colors of latex. Liquid latex can be painted on in layers to create clothing that you can wear in public. So decide how you want the outfit to look and start painting it onto your loved one. Let each layer dry before adding another layer. Before you start painting apply a good amount of body lotion to all areas that have hair. Let the lotion soak into the skin and dry before painting. Do not let two painted parts of the body touch as they will bind and tear the latex. Once you are done painting you need to add a sealer to the latex. A good product to use is from Deviant Liquid Latex called StarDust. Once you have completely sealed the latex you can move around freely. To make this craft fun go out for Valentine’s Day dinner wearing your new liquid latex outfit.

To remove the latex outfit just pull it off. The longer you have worn the outfit the easier it will be to remove due to moistness from sweating. If you have trouble with any part sticking to your body just apply some vegetable oil and wait a few minutes. The outfit should come off rather easily then.

Glow in the dark body painting craft:

This craft can be really fun. You will need a couple of containers of glow in the dark body paint and two small paintbrushes. Put some sheets on your bed that you don’t care what happens to. Now while completely nude in the dark of your bedroom, paint sensual messages to each other onto each other’s body. This is a great way to tell your partner what you want or what you are thinking in a fun creative way. Best if you have a mirror handy to read what they wrote you. This craft makes for a very steamy Valentine’s Day night.

Edible finger paints craft:

Another fun body painting craft is finger paints. This puts a new twist on the childish fun of finger painting. Edible finger paints come in an assortment of colors and flavors. Pick the ones that you and your loved one like and let the fun begin. Take turns painting pictures and messages on to each other’s bodies. With edible finger paints, you then get to take turns licking the messages back off of each other. This can provide hours of fun-loving entertainment on Valentine’s night.