Because we have a high volume of traffic, this could be a major marketing tool to many businesses who would like to obtain many customers. Below are our rates and types of advertisement prices that one can subscribe to.

#1. Premium Ad

Premium Ad

This is an ad that is meant to pop up on every page of the magazine so that it can capture the attention of the people. It is made in such a way that it is going to run there for twenty four hours before it expires. You can get this done for only $1000 a month which is worth it.

#2. Button sponsorship


This is another type of Ad but it is smaller compared to the premium ad. It is done to be less than 15kb in size and it should not contain any animation. This is very nice because it is on the sides of printed and e-copy magazine making you to cultivate many customers. It goes for only $500 per month but your business will be maximally exposed.

#3. Sponsored tweets


We have many ways of making your business appear fulfilling and satisfactory to the potential customers. That is why we bring the sponsored tweets describing how good your services are to ensure that you capture the attention of many people. It is done in a creative manner so that you are able to get many clicks that inquiries that will make you sell a lot. For every approved tweet, you will need to pay $120.