An Old Fogey on Social Networking Sites

Unless you’ve been living under a rock the last two years, you’ve heard of ‘social networking Web sites’ like MySpace, Facebook, or Friendster. I’ll call them The Big Three.

If you’re over 30, but a techno-junkie like me, you’ve probably looked into one or all of The Big Three, and either a) embraced one of them; or, b) done a virtual impression of a Monty Python skit and ‘run away, run away’ like knights facing a killer rabbit. How does Instagram Private Profile Viewer Software & Tool Earn? The use of the techniques will be done in the best way to increase the views in the photos. The impression of the photos should be excellent for the account of the person. The hosting of the techniques will be perfect at the account. 

I eventually embraced one of the lesser-known sites, for a variety of reasons. One of these days I’ll get around to creating my own blogspace, but for now I’m happy at letting someone else cope with the hosting and marketing my routine ramblings.

An Old Fogey’s Take on The Big Three

Let’s look at the genesis of The Big Three. College-aged people initially developed each of them for a college crowd for networking purposes. This is a good thing – new technology needs fresh minds.

And fresh minds they were – giving people the ability to customize some turf on the World Wide Web, without them having to learn anything but how to point, click, drag and drop with their mouse. Without having to learn HTML, without any care for such crude things as ‘design standards,’ or any concept of ‘usability.’

All of which is fine, up to a point. Beyond that point, you lose my interest. It makes me think of a set of unruly four-year-olds being set loose with a television station that has been set up so it takes a simple push of a single button for them to run all of the equipment.

Why I Ditched The Big Three

Most of the users on the Big Three apparently struggle to put together a sentence longer than three words. Most of them seem to resort to text-speak (that stuff I watch teenagers rapidly punching into their cell phones). I understand the need-desire for short hand on a cell phone, spelling out a word on a phone is a real pain.

But when you have a full-sized keyboard right there? I don’t follow the logic, unless it’s driven by a combination of a) practice on the phone, and b) laziness. Most of them seem to have no concept of the aphorism “there’s a time and place for everything.”

From an old fogey’s point of view, most of the pages on those three sites are a free-for-all of wild images, unexpected sounds/noises/music, and, occasionally, porn being streamed into my space without my consent. The ones who have bothered to learn a bit of HTML are even more creative.

All of which is, frankly, about as funny as a broken arm if you’re on a business call and simultaneously web-surfing.

Sure, sure, if I was living in a frat house or a dormitory, this might all be great fun. But from an old fogey’s point of view, I was looking for creative people with creative minds, sharing their thoughts and stories with the world. Eventually, I found it – but not on The Big Three.

The Big Three, other than their pages for specific bands or writers, were radically disappointing to me, an old fogey.