Be A Successful Player Of Old School Runescape

Old School Runescape is a game in which you will find lots of unexpected things. The graphics of the game are really superb. Even players need to visit at different locations and places in order to different tasks. Therefore, make your gaming skills better along with osrs bot because it is essential if you are playing the OSRS game.  The game will begin from the Tutorial Island, where you need to check out the 20 minutes of the tutorial. Now I am going to share some valuable facts about the Old school RuneScape game.

What are combat skills?

Ranged, Magic and prayer, all are counted in the combat skills which every player should check out in order to the best player. To commence with the ranged skills, that is kind of weapon called bows and arrow. Top players call it crossbows and bolts that are used for fighting with the enemy. The Ranged XP automatically granted at the accurate rate.

Even if you are using the ranged weapon, then it will provide you 4 XP on one damage dealt. In addition to this, the magic is also counted in the top combat skills. If we talk about the Magic, then there are lots of spells which are consisting of this fantastic magic skill.

Moving further, if you are using the magic skills, then it will give you some amount of XP. If we take it in more detail, then you will get 4+ XP per damage dealt. Last but not least is the prayer, which is also a skill used by the gamers. Nevertheless, the prayer is related to the abilities which are in the combat, and you can get it from drops. The monster drops all these prayers in the game.