Best Thing For Wrinkles

Are you waking up to a mirror in the morning and found yourself aged? Wrinkles and fine lines are beginning signs of aging. More than 90% of people opt cosmetics as a cure for all these wrinkles without knowing that their choice is wrong.

Dermatologists always advised to use the natural products. Collagen and fillers with chemical and synthetic ingredients are never the best options.

What causes wrinkles?

  • Improper nourishment
  • Dehydration
  • Decrease in collagen level
  • Harmful skin care products
  • Free radicals
  • Best thing for wrinkles
  • Proper nourishment
  • Hydration
  • Increase in collagen level
  • Using natural skin care products
  • Wrinkle removal cream, Anti aging skin care etc.
  • Fighting free radicals
  • Nourishment

The Vancouver Botox Clinic has an entire list of things to follow if you want to get rid of wrinkles because it all depends on the type of skin you have, which in turn depends on your genes and the climate you are brought up in but rest assured that once things work out well, the surgery can go fine even thought there are going to be regular side effects that occur post surgery that needs to be looked into but first of all, the above things need to be tried out.

Skin is the largest organ and is indeed in need of plenty of vitamins and minerals, so needs enough nourishment. Take dietary supplements such as Omega-3, Fish oil and Multivitamins which helps for skin nourishment at a higher rate.

It may sound simple but improper cleaning is the basic cause for many skin problems. Clogged pores cause rashes, rosacea, blackheads, and whiteheads that cease proper irrigation of pores. Adequate moisturising and cleansing are necessary to avoid all these problems. Use facial cleansers in the morning as well as at nights before the bed in order to clean the pores. Avoid using harsh surfactants which might irritate the skin.

Oily and dry skin needs deep cleansing. Removing make-up and pat drying are simple and foremost steps for preventing the skin.


Water is the main content in our body, which thrives to be the primary component of skin cells. Lack of moisture affects cells by early maturation and development, while circulating nutrients.

Speaking about anti aging skin care, keeping the skin hydrated is one of the major aspects. This can be taken care of by drinking plenty of water every day and avoiding caffeinated liquids. In simple words regular exercise, proper diet and non-smoking (stop if you do) are most helpful.

Increase in collagen level

Collagen is a type of protein in the form of fibre tissues that hold your skin firm intact. It gradually decreases as body matures and results in loosening skin and creating wrinkles. The best thing for wrinkles is to overcome an effective anti aging skin care cream or wrinkle remover cream can help restore your collagen level.

Why use natural? Why not artificial?

Cosmetics generally contain chemicals such as fragrances, urea, dioxane and parabens that cause irritation in skin which in turn may lead to cancer. Mineral oil that clogs in skin pores is yet another ingredient that you must avoid. Cream or lotions do not intensely attack the root cause of wrinkles in the skin. Natural products are in turn successful in removing fine lines as it contains active ingredients which attack the root cause of the wrinkles.


Sheep wool extracts a protein like structure similar to keratin found in the skin. It is rich in amino acids and peptides which increase collagen production, repairs and regenerates skin cells.

Phytessence wakame

It’s an extract of Japanese seaweed. It is an anti-oxidant that inhibits free radical activity inside the skin giving rise to wrinkles.

Avocado oil

It is extracted from fruit of avocado tree, which is a natural emollient, which makes skin smooth and soft, creates a thin protective layer protecting from dirt and grime.

Active manuka honey

It’s a special honey extracted from bush of manuka, anti-bacterial with anti-inflammatory properties, effective in making skin soft and giving a natural skin glow.

Fighting free radicals

Free radicals are caused by oxidation that can damage skin cells due to premature aging. Age increases free radicals but yet it can be reduced.

Avoid air pollution and smoking

Take foods that are rich in anti-oxidants such as berries, green leafed vegetables and fruits.

By following the above steps you can easily get rid of the signs of aging. For effective results you are advised to follow all the above steps.