World Of Warcraft – Rogue Gold Making

Gold can be tough to come by in World of Warcraft if you don’t know how to get it. Sure, everyone knows how to farm for Primals, or use your professions to make a little extra… But where do people get those mass amounts of gold for their epic flying mounts without buying it online? […]

Fortnite- Game of Equals

There are many games that can be discussed in an article of substance, as that is the main thing that commands respect in the eyes of the society. In movies, you may have seen that it is the script and storyline that is the king. Things are no different when it comes to video games […]

How to Buy Casino Stocks

Talk about a strange career path: Alan Mendelson won an Emmy for consumer news reporting and helped found the Economics News Broadcasters Association before reinventing himself as an Internet and infomercial spokesperson known as “the money man.” But these days, he focuses on a single investment niche: Las Vegas casino stocks and performance. His fascination […]

Duke Nukem Forever: How To Effectively Kill A Franchise

Hail to the king of failure, baby. Duke Nukem, the egocentric character that relies on juvenile jokes to sell copies of his games has a track record almost as laughable as the lives of the poor saps that find his quips humorous. Duke Nukem burst from his creator’s womb in 1991 with a 2D side-scrolling […]

Metal Gear Solid 4: A Mediocre Review for the gamers

Two things I feel are true. First, Metal Gear Solid 4 is the best game I have played this generation. Second, MGS 4 is the worst game I’ve played this generation. Commence mind exploding… NOW! Here’s an explanation of how I feel about the latest installment to the Metal Gear franchise: Kojima is now the […]

How Is ELO boosting Connected To League of Legends?

In our modern generation, the world of online gaming is becoming more competitive in nature as a lot of players aim to advance their ranking and beat their opponents. League of Legends is one of the most popular competitive gaming that gamers across the globe are highly engaged into. With its amazing graphics, crazy gameplay […]

Xbox 360 Vs. Nintendo Wii

Why? Because, lets face it, the PS3 is getting owned in the market. It is out of the competition. Personally, I went out and bought the Xbox 360 because of the great titles, and because of its great online features. Recently, some of my family members bought me a Win as a gift. At first, […]

How To Use Cheats And Get More Money In Sims 4

Sims 4 is a popular game, and has been the hype at its time and still dominates the gamers. In this game to make your life you could use the cheats. This game has a number of cheats for almost very aspect of th game. Here in this article you will find Colossal Cheats to have […]