CBD Oil- One Man Variety Show

When it comes to balancing act, you cannot find many examples on the face of this earth. Balancing act is a process when someone is so multitalented that he can handle different things at the same time and be master at most, if not all, of them. One who can carefully balance everything on two […]

How to Rebuild Arthritic Joints

As someone who spent thirty plus years running, creating arthritic hips, I was interested in recent research conducted at Harvard’s Beth Israel Hospital in Boston which has revealed interesting findings regarding how to rebuild arthritic joints. The article was featured in Life Extensions Winter 2011-2012 issue and I must admit with my hip problems, I […]

A Review Of On Gold Standard Dietary Supplement With The 100 Percent Natural Whey

On Gold Standard Dietary Supplement with the 100% natural whey is my recent found craze and this is far better than the weird tasting protein drinks. The reason why I love this is that this is formulated for serious professional body builders without compensating on the taste factor. This is super protein supplement that tastes […]