The uefa champions league

The UEFA Champions League is back and after such an exciting season last time I’m pretty sure we can’t wait for the stage where the legends and the masters of the game from various leagues in Europe meet each other and fight for their name to be written down in history. The qualification stage is […]

If You Love Soccer, Try These 5 Blogs This Summer!

The internet is filled with blogs on different topics, and soccer is trending always. Almost no person on earth dislikes soccer, even the ones who don’t like sports much could just sit a whole day watching football matches, given that the match offers sufficient amount of excitement. However, summer is around the corner and if […]

Copa-America Fever

Everyone has been affected with the fever of football and everyone is excited about hasil bola. Yes! The season of football has begun. In one continent the Europeans are fighting for the euro cup under UEFA and on the other hand the Americans are fighting against each other in Copa America tournament. These are the […]