Choose The Best Places To Eat With The Singapore Food Blog

People in Singapore are known to be extremely passionate about their food. Choosing the right place to eat can be extremely difficult with the amount of restaurants available in the area. Thankfully with a number of blogs at your disposal, you can make an informed choice and ensure that your money is well spent on various delicacies. Choosing the right Singapore Food Blog is essential so that you can make the right decision.

Local Cuisine

According to some of the best food blogs, it is very important to try out some of the local cuisine in the city. These include:


Chilli Crab:Chilli Crab is served with amazing rangy gravy that is absorbed by the soft flesh of the stir fried crab. Chilli crab is a must have on your visit to Singapore.

Chicken Rice: This is the ‘National dish’ in Singapore nd a visit to Singapore is incomplete without trying out this food. The mention of Chicken Rice is prominent in the best Singapore food blog and this food is available on every street in Singapore as well as the high end restaurants.

Fried Carrot Cake: Although the dish is named fried carrot cake, this flavorsome cake comes with a hint of orange and comes with monochrome of colors of black and white.

Fish Head Curry: This is spicy gravy that is cooked up with some of the best spices, vegetables and is served up in some of the best restaurants in Singapore. The reason it is called Fish head curry is because it comes with an entire fish head.

Kaya Toast: This is the best comfort food for all those who love sweet dishes. It offers sufficient sugar rush and a lot of crunch.


Hokkien Prawn Mee: This simple stir fried noodle dish is cooked up in a rich prawn stock and is one of the favorite foods that locals as well as tourists love.

NasiLemak: This creamy and savoury rice dish is served with a spicy sambal that gives the dish much needed zing. This is a local specialty and features in a lot of Singapore Food Blog.

Laksa: This is a very distinctive noodle soup that is served up in a number of restaurants as well as on the streets on Singapore. This soup is cooked in coconut milk and tastes very different as compared to the usual soups served in other countries.

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