Christian Capozzoli’s Personal Brand in His Words

Christian Capozzoli is a famous improvisational comedian, performer and professor that entertained his fair share of interviews. In one he was asked about his personal brand and how he defines it. Surprisingly, he didn’t see the word ‘performer’ as his personal brand at first. Mainly because he comes from more than one backgrounds and there was never formal training involved. Christian Capozzoli taught himself through experience and countless hours up onstage. But over the years, he has learn to shed the mild discomfort that came with the term performer, of course he highly appreciated the tips and advice that friends gave.


Advice from Christian Capozzoli’s Friends

The advice that Bob Odenkirk gave was that it’s crucial to go from one place to the next and tour around. Behind this advice is the thought that you might already think that you’re someone in one city, but outside that city where no one has heard your name then it mean you haven’t actually done anything yet. He basically said that one shouldn’t spend a tremendous amount of time going up a mountain just to find out that it’s only a meager speed bump. It’s incredibly easy and comfortable to break apart a system and go on overthinking when you’ve spent a considerable amount of time there; you’ll find infinity within a small inch.

Once he began traveling from one city to the next, gradually introducing himself to people in every city, then the brand started after some time. Of course these were the years before internet and all sorts of technology and devices took over. With this in mind, Christian Capozzoli didn’t focus on gigs during the weekends and agreed to even the seemingly humblest opportunities. By saying yes to various opportunities, he was able to go across countries, leaving his mark in every one.