Data Entry Jobs: A Means To Earn Extra Income With Little Experience!

In the growing world of competition landing upon a good job is quite difficult and in case you have limited education qualification, the opportunities become even less. But with growing industry needs data entry jobs have become intensely popular and widespread. Works from home data entry jobs have become increasingly popular among students and housewives as a mode to earn some extra income. With little academic qualification and no prior experience required you can consider working as a data entry operator.

The process of data entry involves entering electronic information into the system using word processing software’s and tools. Simple data entry can involve filling of online forms, writing articles or captcha solving while more complex could include working as a proof reader or an editor in media industry.


Before you consider taking up a position of data entry operator, keep in mind the certain factors. These are:

Understand the nature of work involved. Typical data entry work includes organisation and preparation of data. This could include updating, formatting and correcting the data and general clerical responsibilities.

Always update your basic knowledge about various kinds of software involved. The most common soft wares like Microsoft word excel, PowerPoint, word press knowledge is must to have in case you are looking for data entry.


Typing speed is the most vital factor you need to be competent of. Since bulk of data needs to be entered; therefore a good typing speed of at least 30 wpm is required.

In case you have other responsibilities to manage along, you can consider working from home or part-time as well. Hence, if you are looking for a means to earn some extra income, data entry is absolutely the right choice to consider!

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