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DIABETES! Just hearing the name of this disease is enough to induce you with fear and panic. It is a disease caused by excessive intake of sugar and high sugar/glucose level in blood. People suffering from this disease has to go through a lot of troubles, and that too, throughout life, whether it be eating habits or daily workout schedule they have to regulate it accordingly. Diabetes is of many types such as TYPE 1, TYPE 2, Prediabetes, Gestational diabetes, etc.

Expensive health
Expensive health

What if someone says that this dreadful disease can be controlled easily, would you believe it? Well if not, wait until you hear about diabetes destroyerI am sure you want to know more about it, right? Its basically a newly developed diabetes treatment method that helps patients suffering from TYPE 2 diabetes to get their blood sugar level to normal and under control by adopting a different diet and lifestyle. This program is designed by David Andrews from diabetesdestroyer.com and here is some information about diabetes destroyer :

  • Diabetes, also known as SILENT KILLER is claimed to be reversed by following certain techniques which are also so called natural, and that stuff is known as diabetes destroyer. This method starts reversing diabetes (TYPE 2 and prediabetes) in time as small as a week. This treatment  basically triggers the production of “insulin” in your body and controls the blood sugar level.
  • With the research by New Castle university in England, David with his friends was able to figure out a diet of food items that could help in controlling and moreover reversing diabetes.


This step targets to get back your insulin production system on track and is one of the most difficult task to implement as you need a different diet altogether to achieve that, which is being given under this treatment for nearly 8 weeks. It is stated clearly on website what amount of proteins, carbohydrates, fats, etc. you need to include in your diet. Moreover Andrew also gave a sample diet chart that is suitable.


This step targets on making your metabolism more efficient and more productive in case of insulin. Andrews provided a list of three berries and 30 second workout that may strengthen your metabolism.


This step focuses on taking your meals timely because even a strict diet is not as effective if taken in an untimely manner. Hence eating right food and that too at the right time will increase your resistance power and may finish off diabetes completely.

  • It is scientifically accepted that this method can not only reverse diabetes but also cure it and is also a natural way to cure the same. This method has been tested by more than 30,000 people and found that this works well instead of those antibiotics and insulin shots. This method only requires self control. Otherwise it is purely effortless because how tedious can following a diet chart be !


The efficiency of method can be seen in 3-5 weeks, depending on physiological condition of the patients. Surprisingly some people also saw positive results in a week. So it all depends on how you are and how you follow. Also let us remind you that this method is only for TYPE 2 and not TYPE 1.

So you may try this treatment and it surely looks promising with stats and that hopefully it’ll give you best results. Tell your loved ones who are suffering from this and “EAT LESS AND LIVE MORE!

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