Different Tennis Tournaments in the World that You Should Know

It cannot be denied that there are more and more people these days who get so interested about playing tennis. Well, there is no one to blame here since this sport is extremely exciting and challenging. It will require great amount of stamina and strength from the players. The older version of tennis was actually played way back in the 12th century in northern France. However, the very first modern version of tennis was played in the city of Birmingham in the beautiful and progressive country of England. images_qtbn_and9gcsq8za5fgcnry58vwyiyodf717lcd5enulilixstocynuyloooubw

Just in case you do not know, there are a number of national and international tennis competitions being held in the four corners of the world yearly. Most of these tournaments are sponsored by big time organizations and companies. Well, there is no question about that since tennis is a very famous, interesting sport. These are just four of the major tennis tournaments held in the world. Click for more info about these international tennis competitions.

Australian Open

The Australian Open was founded 111 years ago, particularly way back in the year 1905. It is an international tennis tournament held in the beautiful and progressive Australian city of Melbourne every single year. This tournament kicks off in the month of January. It is being played in a hard surfaced venue, particularly in the Melbourne Park.big-bets-mpnotor-sports-2-football-in-middle

French Open

Another international tennis tournament that you should know is the French Open. This particular tennis tournament was founded 125 years ago, particularly way back in the year 1891. Hence, it is no longer surprising why it is considered to be one of the oldest sports tournaments in the world, not only for tennis but also for some other sports out there. This competition is being held yearly in the beautiful French city of Paris from the month of May up to June.


Another very old tennis tournament being held in the United Kingdom yearly is The Championships, Wimbledon or the so-called Wimbledon. The competition takes place in the beautiful city of London in England. It was founded 139 years ago, particularly way back in the year 1877.

US Open

Another yearly tennis tournament that is being participated by a lot of professional tennis players from all over the world is the US Open. The tournament was established 135 years ago, particularly in the year 1881. This tournament is constantly held in the Big Apple or in the New York City from the month of August up to the month of September.

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