Finding Parking at LA International Airport (LAX) & Getting Through the Rush

With 1 million plus people and two million tons of cargo, luggage and goods going through Los Angeles International Airport each year, here’s a tip to get you through quickly.

The Los Angeles International Airport is more commonly known as “LAX” or “The LAX” to travelers and frequent fliers. It’s often remembered for how busy it is as well as it’s size. Two million tons of cargo, luggage and goods as well as fifty million people pass through the LAX each year, headed toward millions of different directions. A good percentage of these millions of people seek a good parking place for a decent price close to it’s doors. Thousands of people, possibly hundreds of thousands of people looking for a great spot to park is a sight to be seen and hard to imagine. Nervous fliers, plus the stress many people face while traveling can make getting through this air port a hard and trying time.lax-rush

Tips, tricks, well-thought planning and keeping your heard will work for you to make it easier to finding a parking space for your car and also find it when you get back to this huge airport. Most importantly you need to make sure that you’re well organized and have everything you need for the trip, as if you forget something, worrying and stressing out about it won’t help you bring it with you after that fact. Next, check and see how much it will cost you for parking by calling the airport, lot of your choice and ask for information on the current cost of parking and if there have been any price changes.

After you’ve set aside the funds for parking and found a parking spot, you’ll have actually gotten past the hardest part of your trip organizing. You may think there’s not enough spaces to hold the tens of thousands of people passing in and out of the LAX parking areas every day. Short term parking holds only the concern of traffic, as using non-terminal parking lots is not the right space to choose because of cost and distance. Skip parking altogether if you can avoid it, taking a cab and cut down the wait you’ll have to endure by a large amount and also the cab fare might cost less than the rate you may have to pay for parking.

For parking in the long-term at the LAX, you might avoid the trouble of hunting down a parking space when you get there by reserving one. Reserving a spot will help avoid a ton of hassle and you can reserve a parking space for your vehicle in advance in person or online to ensure you have parking on the date of your flight, speeding your departure.

Paying for one in advance at web sites such as,, and, which will allow you to browse parking companies and make reservations at non-terminal lots within a reasonable distance of many major airport, including the LAX.These sites keep up to date prices on the daily rates for parking and reviews of the parking companies’ services.lax-parking

To sum up, finding a parking space at an airport is nothing short of a herculean task as there are hundreds of people traveling along with you so it becomes all the more important to plan everything in advance. Lesser the number of suitcases, the better as they alone account for half the luggage. Next time before buying large suitcases, be sure to ask a reisikohver soodus from the shopkeeper.