Gaining The Ideal Elo Boosts

About elo boost

Elo boost is a special coded item which when implemented in the main player account of League of Legends aids in raising the rank of the player to the desired value. Being a strategic game, earning higher ranks is quite tough in LoL and in fact lol placement matches are based only on the ranks and skill levels of the players where the similar level players compete against each other and hence make the matches interesting. But want to know how does it work? Read more in this article to find the answer.

The working

Elo boost being accepted by a large number of players of League of Legends Community is played majorly in two formats- either allowing the boost to log in to the player’s account directly and complete the required set of challenges or play alongside the player in duo mode to enhance the rank and skills. Based on the levels to be raised, there are different kinds of boosts like Diamond 1, Master, Gold and Challenger boosts which allow the player to rise to these ranks within few matches rather than going by the conventional method of playing at least 1000 matches. Apart from this, these boosts also provide help in the following manners: –

  • Influencing the lol placement matchessuch that similar players get grouped together or against each other and make the matches more interesting
  • Give moral support to the players when they tend to lose a streak of matches
  • Fast growth on the platform

Is it safe to use?

Yes, it is cent percent safe to use elo boosts because they have been designed such that they can by-pass the primary server easily and avoid detection that might block the account permanently. After paying, they get activated within 48 hours and give a win ratio as high as 88 per cent. Hence, for all the enthusiastic players, just a little investment and then you can gain heights in the game.