Heard About The 5 Panel Drug Test Yet?

5 panel drug testThese days a number of organizations are choosing the 5 panel drug test to ensure none of the employees they hire are under the influence of drugs. If you are wondering why this drug test is so popular and why most organizations these days are choosing it over all the other drug tests available in the market, here’s what you need to know. This drug test manages to find traces of the 5 major drugs that are most commonly used by people all over the world. These include marijuana, opiates, methamphetamine, amphetamines, phencyclidine and cocaine. In case you are planning on applying for a job and you have been under the influence of these drugs then you need to stop using them as soon as possible if you want to pass the test.

While this drug test manages to trace the slightest drug in your body, staying clean for 2 weeks or more can prove to be helpful. You can also try to detoxify your system before you apply for the interview. If you are wondering why most people these days are opting in for a 5 panel drug test, this is because it is the most accurate drug test which is very affordable, accurate and quick.

5 panel drug testThis drug test is a urine test which means you do not need to have a medical supervisor present to conduct the test. This encourages most organizations to conduct the test in house and it avoids them from having to worry about people cheating on the result. Since it is affordable, one does not have to worry about testing over and over again.

This is a self test that you can do with the use of the kit available at all leading drug stores. While organizations were not very strict about the use of drugs earlier, they have now become very strict about hiring employees who are under the influence of drugs. One of the main reasons why employers do not choose to hire people who use drugs is because they are not fit to work with people. They are known to create a lot of chaos in a work environment and this disturbs people who work with them. If you believe that you do not need to worry about a drug test because you already have a job, remember, most organizations are also getting their employees tested and firing the ones that fail the test.

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