Learn How To Sell On Ebay For Free: A Beginner’s Guide

eBay is one of the best ways to make money online. It is a great way to start your own business or to get rid of some junk in your attic instead of throwing it out why not sell it and make a profit! And I am going to show you how but before that I would also recommended you check out the Evergreen Wealth Formula review that will help you in making money online.

Step 1.

Find out what its worth, for example, say you’re selling a sports card type in the name of the card the year and everything you can be specific in google for the best search results then find the market price next step goes into eBay type in your product in the search bar and look for the same product and see what others are selling it for you want to be competitive with the price not too high but not to low either so no one gets robed.

Step 2.

Titles are everything they attract buyers to your listings be sure to be descriptive only put important information for example if I am going to sell a shirt I would put this for the title “White Men’s T-Shirt XL 100% Cotton”

Step 3.

A picture says a thousand words without you are guaranteed not to sell anything. When taking pictures make sure no ones in the background and try to use a white background so the item will stand out also put a ruler next to some items to display size. You don’t need some fancy camera to take good pictures but a digital one would be easiest because you can take photos and upload them right to your computer.

Step 4.

Describe the item you’re selling! this part is very valuable this is where you write about the item the condition, size, color, damages, year, company the product is made by, etc make sure it is down the last detail other whys you will get bad feedback for not listing the crack or ding in the item that you forgot to mention. When you write your description be sure to use bold lettering and also to make the text a little bigger for other people that have a hard time seeing and to also attract people but DO NOT use a color like neon yellow to attract people black bold letters will do the trick.

Step 5.

Shipping. This depends on what service or what item you are selling but here are some tips when packing makes sure you use pack peanuts or bubble wrap to ensure if the item is fragile that it will arrive the way you sent it. Also, don’t jack the price of shipping to make some extra money its a lot of ebayers pet peeves so just charge what it would cost you to ship it. Also to attract buyers, free shipping is a good way to get more traffic to your listings.


  •  You should purchase items on eBay before selling it puts you on the other end so you know what it feels like for your customers
  • To calculate your eBay fees use the handy eBay and PayPal fee calculator http://www.rolbe.com/ebay.htm
  •  Don`t be discouraged if the item does not sell right away almost all items are bought in the last few hours of an auction
  • Also if you have an object that has movable parts or is electronic why to show how it works to embed a video in your listing!
  • Most important have fun!

Even More Free Tips

  • Always research your product before selling it. look on google and eBay to see the demand for the item and the going price
  • Don’t overcharge or the product won’t sell That goes for shipping as well
  • Be patient most eBay auctions get their bids in the last hours of the auction
  • Buy products from wholesalers and flip items to make a good income flow you could buy something for 5 dollars and turn around and sell it for 10
  • Can`t find products? look in your attic, yard sales, wholesale stores, or around the house or find things for free on craigslist but be sure to call if you find something that’s worth selling because free things go quickly on craigslist
  • Watch out for scams if its too good to be true it probably is
  • If the item you list has movable parts or is a mechanical item embed a video in your listing to show how it works this will increase sales because people will be able to see how the product works and what it can do
  • Take good pictures of your items as I said before a picture is worth a thousand words
  • Look for items that sell frequently so that way you know it will sell if there is a high enough demand