Mountain Bikes For A Tight Budget

Mountain bikes are undeniably required if you’re the sporty kind who loves to go biking in the mountains or anywhere else that has rough roads. Before you think about using the old trusty bike that you had since the beginning, well let us discourage you from that. The regular bikes that we have in our homes are literally not built to withstand rough roads, they could but you and the bike would have a difficult time. The best mountain bikes under 500 could handle all the strain without also straining the user. When you buy a mountain bike, it doesn’t mean that you have to go broke over it.

Mongoose Stasis Comp Mountain Bikes


This might actually be the mountain bike that you have dreamed of; it provides almost everything that you want to have on your mountain bike. The frame is made from suspensions aluminium alloy; going uphill and downhill in any terrain will be a breeze. As far as looks go, it gives off a matte finish. We’re telling you that it looks like a thousand dollar bike but the actual price is far from it.

Thanks to the rear and front discs installed on the bike, you can be confident about your stops at the bottom of hills. Not only that but the suspension forks that come with the bike gives that much needed edge in order to overcome any obstacles along your path; all the sudden shocks will mostly be absorbed by the bike itself. The Mongoose Status provides a maximum of 21 speeds, which is more than enough for the ideal race at the bottom or from the top of the hill.

Diamondback Bicycles Sorrento Hard Trail


An ideal mountain bike which looks and feels incredibly powerful, riding this particular bike will make you feel like you can overcome every rough road out there. If you tried biking on rough rode using an ordinary bike, then you know just how difficult it could get; the strain of going uphill, the shocks that your body has to endure and the fear of the bike failing to stop when you need it the most. The sleek design does not only look extremely comfortable to sit on but it actually is. Be one step ahead of your biker friends who truly did spend thousands of dollars for a mountain bike that they might not have loved.

Columba Alloy Folding Bike


For bikers out there who want to really explore the world and travel distances in search of the best biking trail, the Columba Alloy Folding Bike would be the perfect match for you. The mountain bike’s main frame can be folded so it won’t take up a huge amount of space in your vehicle as you travel towards your planned destinations. Majority of the frame and the parts are made from alloy. It also features some nifty suspensions on the front and back of the bike; these suspensions are what makes the ride smoother.

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