Muscle Reading- Understanding the Subset of the Problem

When life gives you lemon, you make lemonade out of it but very few people have a fair idea on what to expect when this metaphor turns into reality because when it does happen, it squeezes pretty much everything out of a person, a big reason to worry.

That life is full of struggles is no secret because you become stronger person when you are grappling with constant challenges and obstacles as that is destiny’s way of testing your inner strength where some people succeed while some don’t.

The bigger problem is that constant struggles take a toll on your health where you fall prey to numerous diseases and ailments but we shall not go for bigger ones like cancer or kidney failure but focus on one that is highly neglected despite posing a huge threat.


People never take joint issues seriously, which is shocking because it is this muscle pain that festers into a bigger monster in the times to come and it is too late by the time people start realizing that things are amiss in their body and no treatment is possible.

When you have to go struggle, you literally put your backs into it especially now as people have to work from home due to Covid-19 where the spine is affected when you have to sit in one position and run your fingers on the laptop

It does become difficult to identify the pain but axial is identified as the one that occurs only in a specific region while referred pain is the one that starts out in the lower back area with little pricking and slowly reaches to the upper area.

Radicular Pain is the most intense of all as the pain reaches a searing sensation akin to an electric shock for which inflammation is a big reason and regular pea dosage is the proverbial solution.