My Gardening Experience: The Revelation of Bleeding Hearts

Gardening is not a strength for me but I almost feel an obligation to become somewhat good at it, considering my grandmother is an avid gardener. Not to mention, I am a competitive person and my sisters are all gardening freaks, involved in discussions about gardening to which I am not well versed. To beat them at their best recreational “sport” I have decided to pursue my own unique interest in gardening, starting small, perfecting my skill and then hitting them with a killer landscape design.

In my home, I have a large property area which encompasses landscaping from shady, semi-shade, semi-sun to full sun. To make life a little simpler, and because I live in one of the hottest states in the country (Texas), I have decided to start with a shade plant that is hearty and versatile, so as to reduce my degree of anxiety in my new gardening and landscaping adventure.

For my first shady garden experience, I have chosen to plant Bleeding hearts. Because I am traditionally a person of melancholy, I thought the Bleeding heart would serve to mirror my personality perfectly and would also be a symbolic flower to use should my shady garden fail to grow; a sign that maybe gardening is an art and not a skill I can simply acquire and beat my sisters at.

To my amazement, the Bleeding heart flower, itself, is beautiful is its own right. Beyond the unique floral display, the Bleeding heart greenery has a fernlike appearance so as to create a beautiful array of green color shades on which the splash of color can be displayed. Because my gardening adventures are not highly sophisticated, I am electing to garden with the dwarf version of the Bleeding heart, if for no other reason that to make my life a little simpler. For gaining the experience, you should learn to mingle with other people who share the same love for horticulture as you do the gardening. The reasons for the gardening should be communicated with the senior one. The sharing of the things will add excellence in the gardening activities of the person. 

The Bleeding heart, I learn, is a versatile flower for the garden. Growing well in full sun or full shade, the Bleeding heart will require little to no maintenance except that I need to ensure plenty of well drained soil. Even better, this hearty plant, the Bleeding heart, will bloom best in the Spring but provide consistent floral displays well into the Fall. Won’t my sisters be amazed!

As I eagerly began the gardening process, I found myself drifting into memories of my childhood. Memories of me and my sisters; laughing and playing in the outdoors, memories of our life experiences together and memories of their personal achievements. When I was done planting my Bleeding hearts, I found I was no longer focused on “beating” my sisters are their own creative hobby and, instead, found a new hobby in which to escape my daily realities and relive experiences of days gone by.

Whether my Bleeding hearts survive or not, is yet to be seen. However, from this landscaping and gardening experience, I have experienced an awakening of my own heart to a whole new world right in the perimeter of my own home.