Natural Approach to Anti Aging

Aging is a part of life. There’s no magic pill to keep us feeling and looking young. Your over all health is the key to anti aging. How you treat and respect your body, will have a lot to do with how you age. If you are young and healthy or a bit older looking to reverse the aging signs, here are things we can do to help with anti aging.

Smoking will cause you to age faster. If you are a smoker, you need to stop. Stopping will begin to reverse the signs of aging faster then anything else. There are patches, products and support groups to help you stop smoking.

You need to wear sunblock every day. The main cause of early aging is exposure to the sun. It’s recommended a sunblock of SPF 40 with moisturizer. Make sure you are reading the labels. Don’t skip your back just because you can’t reach it. Ask someone to help you.

Wear sunglasses. Make sure your sunglasses protect against UVA and UVB rays. Make sure the sunglasses fit properly, they need to cover your eyes, a slight wrapped edge will give you better protection. These will not only protect your eyes but the skin around them preventing wrinkles.

Wash your face only twice a day. Use warm water and a soap with moisturizer in it. Washing your skin takes away important oils and moisture that your body needs. Wash skin minimally and avoid hot water.

Before bed, wash the make up off your face. It’s recommended to not wear makeup to bed. Your body needs time to breathe and repair. Also, apply a moisturizing lotion about an hour before bed. This will allow the lotion to penetrate your skin and work properly. Moisturizing lotions with vitamins like A  amp; C will not only keep your skin looking moisturized but help with firmness too. You may also take the top nitric oxide supplements to sustain your glow.

Get enough sleep for your body. Most of your body’s repair and rejuvenation happens as you sleep. It’s recommended you get eight hours of sleep each night.

Eat a balanced diet. A diet low in fat and high in carbohydrates is recommended. The three best foods to eat to fight aging are blueberries, red kidney beans and cranberries. To help fight aging, eat whole grains, fruits and vegetables. Fight aging by eating proteins come from nuts, beans and seafood, keeping red meats and poultry to a minimum. Avoid trans fats and saturated fats.

Keep your body physically fit. You’ll need aerobic exercises as well as, strength training. It is recommended that you do aerobic activity for thirty minutes for five days a week. Keeping your heart rate up and maintained for at least fifteen minutes. Information does vary depending on whom you talk to or what you read. It’s always recommended that you talk to your doctor and decide what is best for you.

In addition to the above lifestyle tips, to help with anti aging. There are a number of herbs and natural products that can be taken.

As we age, blood flow to the brain begins to slow. This can eventually lead to a number of issues such as memory loss. Ginkgo (Ginkgo biloba) is a natural herb that can be take to help blood flow to the brain. According to Herb Companion over 400 scientific studies support the benefits of Ginkgo. Use as directed, after consulting your doctor.

Your liver is the second largest organ and has many functions. It’s important your liver is functioning properly. The herbs Milk Thistle and Dandelion can aid in helping with many liver issues and over all health. use as directed, after consulting your doctor.

There are a number of herbs and products out there, with more being added frequently. You know your body when something starts to change or you want to change something about your body. Go to your doctor. With your doctor come up with a plan that you can live with and they can monitor. Don’t be afraid to get a second or third opinion about a Natural Anti Aging routine. Remember, it’s your body and your choices.