Nec Business Phones And Ip Telephony For Business

IP telephony is the new technology for in house telephony and communication. IP telephony is based on a VoIP technology and comes with its own perks – significantly better than the regular PSTN telephones. However, IP telephones are mostly popular in businesses and not households because a home setup doesn’t really require plenty of telephones – it’s only one handset for a whole household, there may be extra handsets but they don’t bear different numbers. In business though, each desk must have a separate number and IP telephone do a better job than PABX system. For a moderately priced setup at a reasonable price, NEC business phones can be a great options.

However, here’s a list of few pros and cons of IP telephone in business.



  • IP telephony reduces the cost of traditional telephone systems. If a business needs to buy a bunch of telephone connections then the overall billing would be sky high. Most PSTN service requires a line rent to be paid even if no calls are made whereas IP telephone incurs no such costs.
  • The number of hardware and wires in an IP telephony system is significantly lesser than PSTN telephony. There are IP telephony packages by reputed telecom companies like the NEC business phones.
  • Few IP telephony companies might offer smartphone apps as well, allowing users to use the same network off-site.
  • Better scalability options.
  • Not just a telephone but an internet gateway, fax etc.



  • IP telephony is completely internet dependent. If your ISP goes down, the IP telephony system goes down as well.
  • The emergency telephone numbers may not work. For example, a PSTN or cellular telephone can connect the caller to 911 within seconds, which IP telephony can’t.
  • Depending on regions, there may not be unlimited local calling feature.


As the IP telephony advantages are much higher than the PSTN technology, we would certainly recommend getting IP telephony for a business.

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