Nightlife Entertainment In Playa Del Carmon

Nightlife while on Playa del Carmen Ausflug is something you will not forget for a very long time. Whether you decide to go to Playacrawl, Wah Wah Beach bar, Mamita’s Beach Club, Blue Parrot, Coco Maya, Coco Bongo, Palazzo, Alux Restaurant Bar and Lounge, Club 69, Legends Sports bar just to name but  a few.

When on Playa Del Carmon Tour,  you can grab a drink and feel good during your vacationing. Due to the availability of several places to buy the drinks and enjoy,  it is important to know where to get what and where. Here is our guide


Guide To Drinking and Entertainment Spots in Playa Del Carmon

  • When looking for a quality drink, they range from top-shelf alcohol drinks too weak drinks which are meant for tourists. And you can also get high-quality What it means is that you will be able to get a quality drink when you go out. Some of the well-known top joints for quality brands include: Dirty Martini Bar and Salsa Rosa Bar
  • When it comes to giving out tips, it is not on the rampage. You only tip when you order several drinks or you can forgo it altogether
  • The best places to get bars are on 5th avenue, 10th street, and 12th street
  • Alcohol is expensive for the locals as their wages are low so beer is very popular. They have a variety and you might just get unique beers which you have never tested before


  • Don’t shy off from ordering for ice as all bars use purified water
  • 5th Avenue tends to be the most expensive street to drink from though compared to some places across the world, it might seem cheap

Enjoy your Playa Del Carmen Tour as Playa is a safe place but make sure you don’t over drink.

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