Oral Health Care

Our complete health care system also includes oral health care which is often overlooked or ignored. Daily oral hygiene habits can avoid a lot of pain later. But if compromised, it leads on to the path of Dental Implants that can be both expensive and painful.dental-implant-drawing

Dental implants?

Dental implants are required in case of a missing tooth or teeth. They are actually a metal frame that is placed surgically in the jawbone of a person at the place where the teeth is missing, under the gums. It is on them that a dentist mounts a tooth or a denture. They get fixed into the jawbone providing a strong support to the tooth or dentures placed. It gives them a more natural fit. It is an expensive process so much so that if you look for a low cost dental implants London, its almost an impossibility!dental-implant

Advantages of having an implant:

  • They give a lasting and stable support to the artificial teeth, since they are fused into the jawbone.
  • The dentures mounted over them do not shift from their place thus, aiding simple acts like eating and speaking.
  • The dentures placed over them look much more natural than the regular dentures placed that make a person look much older than his age.
  • No adjacent teeth are affected in the process.

For the long term success of implants:

  1. One must have healthy gums and a bone enough to hold the implant.
  2. Keeping the implants healthy in future is also important.
  3. Take oral hygiene seriously.
  4. Regularly visit a dentist to keep a check on the health of gums.

Implants and their costs:

          Implants are a much costlier process than most of the others in the industry. An average cost of implant of a single tooth is around $4250. The cost of an implant depends on the following factors:

  1. The dentist or a surgeon you decide to visit.
  2. The number of teeth to be replaced.
  3. Which teeth needs to be replaced? Because the number of supporting teeth are also affected.
  4. The amount of insurance cover one has.

The geographical area. A lot of people don’t mind travelling to foreign countries for the process. For example, since it is difficult to find low cost dental implants in London, people might travel to nearby places where they can get them on reduced costs.

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