Outdoor Dog Kennel: Natural Habitat Outside

Dogs’ are a man’s best friend. We are always looking for dogs when we are looking for a pet and when we are looking for a dog we are looking for a perfect breed. And after we have found ourselves a new member of the family then the next step is to look for is a kennel for the dog to live in. Many people decide to build their own kennels according to the weather and other amenities that is present in the surroundings. Nowadays the outdoor dog kennel is pretty famous as they keep the dog away from the owner’s house so that the house isn’t dirtied and the dog can stay is their natural habitat outside and run around in their kennel.

Deciding where you want to build the kennel for your dog is very important. There are a lot of things to decide before you even start building your kennel like how big will it be and what will you use to make the ground or base, the borders and the sanitary and lighting of the kennel.

Firstly you’ll need to decide the location of the kennel; you can make the kennel far from your house if you don’t want to get irritated of their barking. Then you can’t even smell them or their excreta and neither is your house filled with all the flies and the insects attracted by the excreta of your dog but transporting food and other basic amenities will be very tough as will always walk pretty far, so will be providing electricity to the kennel for warmth or air conditioning as you will have to spend more on the wiring. You can’t build it far from your house because their barking might irritate the neighbours. You may want to build the kennel close to home if you want to meet your dog from time to time as walking to the kennel won’t be that big a problem.

Barn Kennel

Always remember to build an open area in the kennel where the dog can soak the sun and a shady area for the summers and the monsoon. You may even install a voice command system so that you can talk to your pet from your house. The kennel needs to be at least 10 feet in length, 6 feet in breadth and 4 feet high. This will give your pet enough room to move around.

The second this to remember is that you need to make the base of the kennel with such material that it doesn’t crack with time and it needs to be slanted towards a drainage system so that the water doesn’t collect inside the kennel and the kennel is sanitary. Having a lose layer of gravel and grass under the concrete will keep it from cracking.

Then comes the walls. The best option is to make with wire and meshes s that it stays upright and the dogs can’t bite into them and destroy them. Try making the edges with wood as they will last through all seasons and some good quality wood will last really long. If you use steel or iron, it will need regular care due to rust formation. Remember to add a continuous source of water in the kennel as the dog will need it to drink and clean itself.


Always remember that a dog will look and feel the best in the house. There is no point of getting a dog to keep it in a kennel far away from you. A dog will be like another family member to you and it should stay with you in your house, only then do you understand the real perks of a dog. It will also provide you with that extra security!

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