Check whether – Should I Co-sign a Car Loan or not?

It’s not uncommon for children to approach their parents and ask to get a loan co-signed. Chances are they either have no credit or bad credit, but they are probably young adults with their first “real” job and the ability to pay for a car.

Most parents don’t even hesitate. Other parents threaten to start selling off their forgotten and neglected drum sets, stereos, and gaming consoles at the first missed payment.

What if it’s not one of your children, though? What if it’s a good friend, or an ex boyfriend you’d love to get back, or even Uncle Harry who just got out of rehab and you’d like to help him get his life back?

Before signing on the dotted line, for anyone, make sure you understand the ramifications. Most importantly, you need to understand that you are also responsible for paying the loan. If the buyer defaults, they come after you next. It’s you who will be getting the harassing phone calls and dunning notices because they have already given up on the original borrower. The applicants for loan at green loan promo site should not get it for daily expenses. The person should be responsible with the loan amount and it should be repaid whenever the time is finished. No additional phone calls should be made as harassment. 

To co-sign a loan, the co-signer must also undergo a credit check and it will show up on your credit report as an inquiry. Should something happen where you do not actually co-sign the loan, your credit report now appears that you were denied an auto loan, which could very probably not be the case.

The amount of the loan is now added to your outstanding debt. Let’s say that you were planning on buying a new car yourself in a few months – you may not get it! Why? Because it might appear you already owe too much money.

Actually, no matter what type of major purchase you may have been planning – a new bathroom, vacation, or even a new home – you could easily have just put yourself out of the market once you co-signed a loan.

Sure, you feel obligated, you believe you’re doing the right thing, and you’re positive that you’ll never have to pay a penny out of your own pocket. That’s great. However, your credit report doesn’t differentiate between being the signer, or the co-signer. Creditors don’t differentiate either.

Before co-signing, see if there’s another way you can offer some help, if you’re inclined to do so. For a child you may simply offer to provide a larger down payment; in many cases this will allow the child to get the car on his own, depending on the price of the vehicle.

If he was denied because of bad credit, you seriously should think twice about co-signing. Instead, you may want to show him how to clean up his credit report, wait a while for his FICO score to improve, teach him how to budget and spend properly, and even start s savings account to accumulate even more money towards the car.

For anyone else who is asking for your help, don’t let your sense of obligation overshadow what’s right for you. “Doing the right thing” means doing the right thing for you, too.

Internet: The Best Growing And Most Popular Of Other Medias

Media has always enticed people since time immemorial. From print media to mass media and others, digital media is gaining more popularity with time. With the elevation of technology and an increasing love for sports, the fans can now go for watching them live over the internet. With a long cpl broadcasting channels list, the digital media is still the first choice and pick for every cricket lover.

Why is the internet more popular?

Several peculiarities can make the internet a better choice over other media. The features are the following:

  • It can be watched from anywhere. Over to another media, they only require a stable network connection and a gadget to provide for an unavoidable service. 
  • One can watch it anytime as per the convenience and also compensates for the time that one misses. Providing for flexibility, it never lets a fan miss a single move. 
  • It has better visualization of the score and other prospects of the game that the other media cannot provide. It helps to get minute by minute track of everything, unlike the television. 
  • It provides for watching even when the hours are odd. Apart from providing comfort, it does not let a person get distracted from their priorities. 
  • The weather affects television broadcasting, but by making use of the internet, these things do not come as a hindrance. 

With increasing popularity and advent of media, people are choosing trends for every little thing. Despite an endless cpl broadcasting channels list, using the internet can provide several perks that other media cannot. With advantages, there also comes the disadvantages like a smaller screen, use of data, and others. These can always be neglected by a fan eager for a match. So, the next time when you wait for a live stream, make sure to go for the one you like the most!


Top 3 Perfumes With Best Fragrances In the World

They say diamonds are women’s best friend. They have probably never seen a women’s closet with a separate section for perfumes alone. How one wants to smell is an extension of personality and reflection of the current mood.

Look forward to upgrading your Perfume collection? We picked the best three fragrances for you to fall in love with.

  1. Chanel Coco Mademoiselle Eau de Parfum Spray
  • Price:


  • Smell:  

An Orange citrus spark right after one spritz followed by rose and jasmine accords ends with a vanilla note.

This one topped charts for years and continues to do so. Your mom has been a fan of Chanel perfumes. So are you. It’s never out of style.

  1. The Estee Lauder- Pleasures Eau de Parfum Spray
  • Price:


  • Smell:

A sandalwood-patchouli base topped with white lily and green accents. Jasmine, black lilac, rose come in the middle note. Overall, it gives a fresh spring essence.

Estee Lauder recognized for its lingering essence that doesn’t come off too strong. It gives a luxurious experience in your budget.

  1. Flowerbomb Eau de Parfum Spray
  • Price:


  • Smell:

Pretty captivating feminine essence produced by rose, jasmine, and cattleya with vanilla and patchouli on base. This warm scent gushes out in a single spritz.

If you love strong flowery fragrances, this one will be your instant crush. It’s perfect for an eventful day.

Other than these three, the ones that are worth mentioning are Tom Ford Oud Minerale, DS& Durga El Cosmico, and Elizabeth Arden Fifth Avenue after five.

Every individual has their favorites when it comes to personalizing their smell. There is no specific Perfume that will suit all. But some gained more popularity than others for years and have been loved by women all over the world.

What Are Wall Stickers?

Two of the several things that are being intertwined when it comes to meaning and usage are wall stickers and wall decals. While they may sound the same, the reality is, they are not. Yes, we admit that most of the times, we use both terms in a slightly confusing manner. So, to finally break the confusion, this article will clear everything up once and of all.

One of the basic and simple ways to differentiate stickers and decals is that stickers you stick while decals you transfer. Usually, stickers are described as an adhesive product that you peel off the backing paper before you stick it on whatever surface you prefer. Stickers are also made from wide variety of materials but most of the time, they are printed on PVC-vinyl or polyester. 

On the other hand, decals are transferred from one area to another. While stickers need 2 parts, decals need three such as the actual sticker, backing paper and a transfer surface o top. Decals are like a ham sandwich. The backing paper is the bottom bread, and the cheese and ham are the sticker and the transfer is the top bread. 

Another thing about decals is that it is made up of part like patterns or letters. Through the transfer surface of wall decals, it can be easily attached on the wall with the same spacing. Hence, you won’t have a hard time dealing with it or transferring it to any surface. 

There are also geographical differences between sticker and a decal. In Europe, people seem to keep thigs very simple and just bundle everything under one general term. Hence, you can see the word transfer sticker instead of decal. But basically, they are just stickers. So if you are in Europe, it’s recommended to search for transfer stickers while decals if you are in the US. To learn more about stickers, you can visit Kleebised seinale.

Pros And Cons Of Using Reloading Press

In most of the cases, people prefer buying pre-manufactured ammo that is a little costly but makes it easy for the people to procure ammunition for their rifles. However, if you’re not a beginner with guns and rifles, reloading your ammo using a reloading press could be a better option for you. 

What does the process of reloading ammunition mean?

Reloading your ammunition refers to the process of making the shells or cartridges manually by yourself. This process might be quite tricky but it could be made a lot easier by simply using a reloading press. While this process could be a little complicated for some, once you get a hang of it, it’ll be efficient.

What are the advantages of using a reloading press?

Some of the benefits of using a reloading press are listed here:

  • Reloading the ammunition is economical compared to purchasing ammo.
  • You can recycle the same brass over and over again which makes it a lot more efficient process.
  • When you reload the ammo, you get the authority to decide the components of the shells. This means you can easily customize the ammunition as you wish.
  • If you want some special type of bullets that are not easily available, then you can simply make it yourself.

What are the cons of using a reloading press?

On the other hand, it could be quite dangerous to reload your ammunition if you’re not experienced in the same. Using a reloading press could also be time-consuming and consume a lot of energy. It may not be highly accurate and might not produce sufficient bullets for you. 

Make sure to check the Best Progressive Reloading Press Reviews before you make a purchase and you’re all set!


Social Security Investment

Social Security is one of the issues facing America today. Some people want us to be allowed to invest some of the money while other people constantly say “No that is not a good idea.” I am asking all of you who read this article “Why not?”

Why isn’t it a good idea to invest one-quarter or one-third of our hard earned money in a really safe place, like a bank account or municipal bonds where we would get tax free interest, that’s right, tax free interest. Isn’t that what the wealthy people do, invest in municipal bonds which pay tax free interest?

The reason I say a bank account is because that money would collect interest, in fact even an insurance policy would be better than investing all of the money in social security. The reason I mention these two ways of investing our money is because if we should pass before retirement age then at least our family would get some of our money.

For those of you who might not be aware of why social security is not working it is because for social security to work six people have to put into the fund, four of the six have to pass away for the other two to collect. Since most of us are living longer the ratio is not the same, therefore the fund is running dry.

Another view is that those who do pass before they start to collect never collect a penny of the money they have given into the fund. If they were to have that money invested in a bank account or an insurance policy they the people they live will get to collect some of their hard earned money. Think about how many people you know who never collect one dime of their money. Think of all the people who do not have any children and if they pass before collecting their money goes down the drain. If they had been able to save some of it, then they could have left it to family or friends.

Our representatives don’t pay social security, therefore, the social security policy does not concern them in any way. They get nice pensions, bodyguards and all the fringe benefits we will never see. That is why they can play ping-pong with social security and other issues. If they were in the same boat as we were they might think differently.

In fact that is why so many of them are pushing euthanasia, if we kill our old people off then we will have more money in our social security account. Don’t you think it is time you really study the issues before you vote in any election and know how the person you are voting for votes on the issues that concern you and your family.

Its time to let all of our representatives know we want some results, we are tired of watching them play ping-pong with all the issues. We need solutions to all of our issues, and solutions that will give us a chance at living the same lives that they do. Let them pay into social security as we do, not get a pension fit for kings and queens to live on. This is America and we should all have the same rights as they do. So when we get our shares, we can invest in any platforms that we prefer such as Haus Kaufen ohne Eigenkapital.

What Are The 3 Tips For Obtaining Yellow Pages?

Traditionally, almost every business whether it is small or long wishes for a yellow page because it helps them in getting more engagement on their websites. There are a lot of benefits of getting a yellow page advertising done for their business such as it offers accuracy as well as comes with long-lasting results. Now due to change in technology, internet has grown up and there are very few people who consider yellow pages advertising for their business. Because they are thinking that it has become old fashioned to consider this method of advertising. Visit this website so that you will be able to gather all the information regarding the benefits of obtaining a yellow page service or not such as

Now, in the lower section after scrolling down you will be going to read about the 3 tips for obtaining yellow page advertising methods or services such as:

The 3 tips for obtaining yellow page advertising:

  • It is important for you to check all the existing list so that you can go through the directory for considering yellow page advertising. You can also use websites and links so that you will get all the information through its official site. 
  • The services for considering a yellow page advertising is free as well as paid. It is important for you to render the one which suits according to your budget and ideas which you have considered. 

  • Getting marketing solutions is also important because it helps you to know that how to modify as well as create designs and use yellow page for more accuracy as well as for developing higher engagement.

All the 3 tips for obtaining yellow page advertising is listed in the upper section so that it will help you to obtain it. 


Saving Money with Freebies and Samples

Many of you know that some companies give away free samples of their products where in-store or online. But did you know many people take these items and save TONS of money from them and even MAKE MONEY off of them?? Besides all these hacks you can also read Evergreen Wealth Formula 2.0 review to learn about the ways you can make money.

Yes, you read correctly. Let me start by telling you there are 100’s of coffee samples out there monthly. So much so that I haven’t bought coffee in almost a year! And I drink a cup or two daily! Yes, that’s right! I have compiled a current list of Coffee Samples in my blog. Most of these samples will give you about 4 cups of coffee some less and some more but usually 4 cups. Money saved: $20+ a month.

Yet another way to save money is don’t ever buy calendars. At the beginning and end of every year, many websites and companies give out free calendars! The ones you buy at the store can cost you $8-25 dollars and if you are like me I have at least 3 in my house for different uses. Here is a Current list of free 2008 calendars. Money saved: $25

One thing that makes life easier when you have a lot of mail to mail out is return address labels. Many of you will spend $10 on 100 of them and depending on how fast you go threw them you could spend $20 a month or so. I am a member of many coupon groups and I mail out at least 7 envelopes a week PLUS birthday and anniversary cards and bills etc. Many companies will give away free address labels because it’s free advertising for them! Money saved: $10 a month

Now having a baby can be expensive the clothes and formula and toys and diapers, it really adds up. Well, many people don’t know many companies try to help out moms, some only first-time moms, some moms of twins or triplets or more, and some single moms. With these companies, they give out baby blankets, formula, diapers, toys, clothes, books, and more. A friend of mine applied for all the freebies on THIS LIST and got a year of baby formula (she didn’t need it all and gave some away), about a year’s worth of diapers, baby blankets, coupons for food and so much more. Money Saved: $200+

One more thing to think about many campaniles give out shampoo and conditioner samples and this is enough for about 2 washings. Along with lotion (about 2 uses worth) and deodorant (about 2 weeks’ worth) and Toothpaste (about a week’s worth) samples. Many can be found just by going to the company’s websites plus all these samples come with coupons for the product, many are $2 – $3 dollars off. Money saved: $20+ a month.

Now I did mention you can make money from these freebies. I wasn’t lying either. Now you have to spend a little money to make it but if you go to the dollar store you can get some baskets and some tissue paper and some cellophane wrap and here are how you can make money from free samples. You can package like a sample like say a shampoo and condition lotion deodorant and toothpaste sample along with coupons in a given basket and maybe add a toothbrush and hairbrush to the basket and sell it on eBay or Craigslist. Now you spend about $4 on this basket and you can sell it for about $10 that is $6 profit for you! Now for the coffee sample, you can get a coffee mug from the dollars store to add to your basket if you want to use the baby freebies you can add a pacifier or bib. You can also sell a batch of calendars say 5 calendars at a time on eBay you don’t have to put them in a basket or anything you can make about $5 for this and you didn’t spend a dime! Many of the baby samples are full-size formulas and such you can sell on eBay and make about $5 or more for. Money MADE: $6+ a basket, $5+ per eBay lot.

Buying Your Car Insurance Online – Pros and Cons

Shopping on the Internet has never been easier. Nowadays you can buy your groceries, send birthday gifts and even order rental DVDs with the click of your mouse. Really, there is no reason why you should ever have to leave your house. Agoraphobics rejoice!

But is it a wise idea to try and shop for auto insurance on the internet? And even if you do get “the lowest rate possible” (a claim made by a multitude of car insurance sites), how do you know if this company will exist in six months? Even worse, will your credit information be safe when you sign up for car insurance on the internet? How do you know you aren’t sending your delicate financial information to a hacker in Nairobi?


You Can Get a Lot of Quotes From One Source-Many auto insurance websites offer to find the best deal for you based on your location, age, gender and driving history. They will even shop competitor’s rates and will actually show you if their rates are lower. There are also moving websites that offer to contact 10 moving companies to find you the lowest rate so other firms have copied the concept. It can never hurt to shop around and auto insurance websites are best used in this manner.

It Saves Time-In our hectic daily lives we rarely find the time to sit down and call all of the auto insurance carriers listed in the phone book. And who still has a phone book? By shopping on the internet you can get quotes from a number of carriers in a short period of time and then you can decide which one to buy. You see, modern life can sometimes be a little bit simpler. When a person will compare car insurance, online research should be done online at websites. The process should be simple and easy for the car owner. The driving of the vehicle is easy and without any fear of accident. The running of the vehicle is smooth at the road with plenty of advantages. 


The Internet Doesn’t Allow You to Develop a Personal Relationship With Your Auto Insurance Carrier-If you aren’t on a first name basis (or any name basis, for that matter), it makes it a lot more difficult to file a claim when you have an accident. A lot of these “no name” inexpensive auto insurance companies have “automated telephone lines” that force you to press a lot of buttons just to talk to a representative. Bigger, more established companies usually set you up with an actual agent that is the only person you should need to call in case something bad happens. And relationships like these usually need to be established over the telephone or in person.

Your Financial Info is Not 100% Safe on the Internet-While it doesn’t happen very often, hackers have been able to gain access to financial information as it is being transferred over the internet. If you don’t feel comfortable taking the chance, go visit a car insurance agent in person.

Top 5 Innovative Social Networks

Social networking has been used for everything from professional networking to dating. It is currently evolving into a new way to build groups of people around beliefs, favorite things, and social justice. Below are 5 very innovative ways people are using social networks.

  • LiveMocha

This site enables you to learn a language Rosetta Stone style. You see pictures, listen to the name of the item in the language you are interested in learning, and then repeat the word in that language. The twist is that people who are native speakers of the language can go ahead and help you by giving you tips, engaging you in conversation at your level, and teaching you the customs around the language. What a great way to learn. It’s almost like being in the country without having to pay the airfare. You can learn English, French, Hindi, German, Spanish and Mandarin Chinese (no African languages, but that will change soon, I am sure) so get your latte, and sit at the computer and travel for a while. It’s worth the trip!

  • Ning

This site allows you to build a social network around anything that you think is important. Love saving whales? You should be able to build a network of whale-saving friends who can share ideas and build up strong support for the cause. Want to promote an you and your music? This is where you can build up your fan base. There is no limit to what you can build your social network around. Join, build, post videos, have fun!

  • Naabur

Always wanted to help a poor country but couldn’t always give money? How about donating your skills and a little time to help a specific project? You can help launch a computer school, develop a plan for a functional library, design a website to help a micro-finance organization, or just research organizations that will help projects that are on the site. It is a great way to be a philanthropist in kind.

  • Riverwired

Want to help reduce global warming AND save a few bucks? This is the site for you. Learn how to reduce, reuse, recycle, shop wisely, renovate with green friendly items, and share ideas on how to save the environment. It’s also a great way to learn about green friendly companies and businesses around the world. With gas prices going through the roof, I am sure they will you find new ways to heat and cook.

  • MyCityFaces –

Home-based and small businesses, or those that are in the service industry, can advertise themselves here. Connect with other businesses in your city that are looking for what you have to offer. The best part is that it is free, so you can build your business without having to worry about putting your money out.

Furthermore, with the help of websites like, it is now possible for people to see private profiles of the people who blocked them, or hid stories from them. This creates a new breath of social networking activities for people who are using social media for their business and blogs.

There are many ways social networking is changing the way we interact with each other. Kudos to those that are now using it to make a difference in the way we live, and how we deal with each other.