Learning about Fingernail Fungus and the Best Treatment Against it

Your body needs testogen to maintain its good shape, but your fingernails require certain treatment to combat fingernail fungi. You have ten fingers where fingernail fungus may strike, but there are many more than ten reasons to eliminate fingernail fungus. Nail fungus can make your nails brittle and jagged, and the embarrassing appearance of nail fungus can put a dent in your self confidence. If left untreated, nail fungus can spread to other areas of the body, where it may pose serious health risks. It is not difficult to eliminate fingernail fungus, but many people who contract this annoyance let it spread and develop simply because they don’t know the facts about how to get rid of it. To protect yourself, learn the facts and the fiction on fungus.

Many people believe that fingernail fungus is a result of poor hygiene, which gives sufferers an undeserved social stigma. The truth is that you can’t contract nail fungus just from being slovenly, and you can’t eliminate fingernail fungus by washing, scrubbing, or following any kind of cleansing regimen. This myth may have gotten started because many skin and nail problems are due to bacterial infections, which you can banish with soap. However, soap won’t affect a fungus. To eliminate fingernail fungus, you need to kick your immune system into high gear.

Another common fiction is that you will catch fingernail fungus by being in a communal area where bare feet are exposed, like a locker room, or a public shower. However, the truth about where the fungus that can attack your nails usually comes from is actually much less predictable. Despite the enduring mythology to the contrary, you are no more likely to catch nail fungus in a locker room or school gymnasium than you are anywhere else, and avoiding these areas won’t help you eliminate fingernail fungus. Because nail fungus is not highly contagious between people, factors other than exposure often come into play. Many healthy people are exposed to this kind of fungus every day, as it can be found anywhere including lodged in soil, floating in water, or even in the air.

Most of the time, when you are exposed to these fungus particles, your immune system fights off the intruder before it can take hold and appear in your nails or nail beds. When fingernail fungus does appear, it is often because your immune system isn’t as strong as it ought to be. Studies show that people whose immune systems are somehow compromised, due to the strain of waging a battle against another illness, or due to poor nutrition or health, are most likely to develop nail fungus. Taking care of yourself and eating right to boost your immune system will help you prevent and eliminate fingernail fungus. Make oranges and other foods containing vitamin C a part of your daily life, and you’ll keep your immune system strong and ready to fight fingernail fungus.

If you do contract fingernail fungus, your pharmaceutical treatment options are unfortunately fairly limited, and somewhat costly. Some people claim to have found success through holistic remedies, such as applying a solution of white vinegar to their nails, but no rigorous research has been done to support the vinegar treatment. Although there are many topical crèmes and gels available over the counter that promise to eliminate fingernail fungus, science tells us that attacking nail fungus from the surface, whether with a homemade remedy or with a commercially available product, is almost always a fruitless form of treatment. Depending on where your fingernail fungus resides, you may have success with a topical laquer, but if fungus has grown on the white portion of your nails, known as the “lunula,” no externally applied remedy can reach it.

Because finger nails are meant to protect the delicate skin underneath, they are by their nature very hard surfaces. This makes it difficult, and often impossible, for anything you apply to the outer face of your nails to penetrate through the nail to the skin of the nail bed, which is where fungal infections lurk. Ironically, once fingernail fungus develops, your body’s own natural defenses can make it difficult for you to eliminate fingernail fungus once it takes hold.

To give your system the artificial boost that it needs in order to eliminate fingernail fungus, your doctor will probably recommend one of a number of antifungal medications, most of which are taken orally over a period of several months. In extreme cases, fingernail fungus can migrate to other areas of the body, leaving sufferers with lasting health problems, so it is important to seek treatment if you notice fungal symptoms like flaky, brittle, or discolored nails. Because you know the facts and fiction about fingernail fungus, you will be able to have an articulate, easy conversation with your doctor about how to treat the problem.

Notes in Coming up with an Ideal CBD Vaping Setup today

There are many vaping options and setups available today. Although it sounds great, it makes difficult for some to find the right setup for them. That’s true especially if you’re vaping for medicinal purposes, such as planning to vape CBD e-juices. It’s common to find CBD juul pods benefits along with other choices which confuse you as a buyer. 

Hence, you must know how to come up with the best setup for CBD vaping. 

What’s the Proper Setup for Vaping CBD E-Juices? 

First, know the most suitable vaping equipment for you. Today, there’s vaping oil cartridges, pods and pens among other options. 

Vaping pens are the most suitable for beginners. They have built-in e-juices, batteries and coils, so they’re ready to use after unboxing. However, disposable vaping pens are only good for few hundred puffs before you must throw it away. Unless, you’d purchase refillable vaping pens which require some maintenance and cleaning. 

Next are the cartridges, which are small and thin cylindrical tanks that carries the CBD e-juice or oil. |They typically contain 0.5ml to 1ml of CBD e-juice. You need a compatible e-cigarette battery to use it up. 

Last general option you have are the pods. You can purchase disposable or refillable variants depending on which you see fits. You can refill them up with CBD oil or e-juices, especially the more viscous mixtures. 

After knowing the right vaping device for you, put in consideration the recommended CBD dosage by your physician. Always refer to each device and pack of e-juice to know the CBD dosage they carry. Remember not to push yourself too hard on first usage. Start with small puffs with around 10 minutes intervals to let the CBD take effect. 

Finally, remember to find a set with minimal watt rates. As small as 15 to 30 watts is great for CBD e-juices. Higher watt rates are only good for typical e-juices which don’t carry any medicinal benefits. 

There you have it. These are the notes you must remember in coming up an ideal CBD vaping setup. Keep this as your guide to help you. 

Metal Gear Solid 4: A Mediocre Review for the gamers

Two things I feel are true.

First, Metal Gear Solid 4 is the best game I have played this generation.

Second, MGS 4 is the worst game I’ve played this generation.

Commence mind exploding… NOW!

Here’s an explanation of how I feel about the latest installment to the Metal Gear franchise: Kojima is now the George Lucas of video games. Remember how you felt when it was announced that Lucas was making new installments to the Star Wars franchise? For one, I was really excited. The poster with little Anakin standing in the desert with Vader’s shadow behind him made my blood boil with excitement. I couldn’t wait to learn the backstory of the best cinematic villain.

Then I heard the little kid speak in the movie. I swear I was brain dead for the next two hours.

That’s the gist of what happened for Metal Gear Solid 4. Kojima clearly produced the game without editing his story to a more quickly paced, concise and exciting game. Gameplay was perfected from the other installments; whereas, the presentation of the story took a dive. This is how it became the best game and worst game.

“It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.”

Best of times:

All of the best moments were solely experienced with gameplay. This is definitely the most cinematic game ever created. You have your trademarked sneaking missions with seemingly infinite ways to handle each situation presented to you. And you have your shooter moments. Wow. Nothing beats riding on the back of Eva’s bike and slo-mo Matrix jumping over enemy humvees while shooting them from above. Well, maybe the ability to battle as Rex…

These are the moments the Playstation 3 gets to shine.

Worst of times:

25-30% of the cut-scenes were absolutely dreadful. I picture Kojima typing the script while trying to make every line of dialogue as epic as he could muster. It’s terrible at times. So much so that it takes the player out of the game. So much so that you will be tempted to skip cut-scenes. But you won’t. You musn’t dare if you want to know the story.

And you must know the story. The story is what drives you to play to the end. It sets up the epic battle between Snake and Liquid. Too bad most of the story was redundant, superfluous or painfully slow. At the end, there were two parts of the story that were never expanded upon which left me frustrated. These were the two most important aspects of the story as the game progressed in my opinion.

Honestly, I care about the story since I’ve invested my time in the other installments. But, there is never a need for hour long cut-scenes. The story could have been much better and tolerable if presented through gameplay and more concise editing of the script. Moments where characters repeat themselves or contradict themselves are never good. It’s sloppy.

Overall, the game took me 14 hours. Yes, it was fun, but I would have been happier at 10 hours. The time taken in playing of the games should be less. All the timing details of the games can be calculated from 먹튀검 verification websites.

The Valedictorian, Facebook and Me

Almost every late spring for many years now, I have thought back to my graduation and the events leading up to it. I grew up in a small rural community in the middle of Wisconsin, it is the kind of place where neighbors know each other on a first name basis and all of us kids hung out on the weekends in one big clique. We had a couple of traditions in my high school that had been handed down for many years. The seniors would not have class the Thursday and Friday before graduation weekend. Somewhere along the way every class would have an overnight camping party at a local park, the night after graduation practice. My class was no different.

On the drive out to the camp ground I was very much looking forward to hanging with my friends and having a great time, hell this may be the last time I would hang out with some of these people. A lot of the anticipation I felt was also the thought of spending some time with my girl friend, her name was Lori. She was everything that was great about my senior year of high school. We had started dating the end of our junior year, took the summer off from each other and then we went steady all through our senior year. She was not the cheerleader type, yet very well put together. Pretty, but not vain, and very smart, Lori had earned her class ranking and by graduation she was the valedictorian of our class.

By the time I got to the park a couple of my friends who got there first had the camp fire going and started to drink some beer. I grabbed a barley pop myself and sat down in a my lawn chair. For the next half hour or so, many people from our small class stopped by, some had planned on staying, others just wanted to have a couple and then take off. Lori pulled up in her car, I got up went over to greet her. She had a funny expression on her face, I could not place it, it had to be the strain of graduation I thought. As valedictorian, Lori had to give a speech at the commencement ceremony, she had been working on it for weeks, and she was very nervous about it. When I got close Lori said, “walk with me Mark”. That was a bit of a shock, she never said hello, nice to see you, nothing.

We walked a little ways, I tried to hold her hand, she only crossed her arms and kept walking.

When we finally got out of sight from the others she spoke. “Mark, don’t say anything and don’t try to change my mind but, I do not want to be your girlfriend anymore.” I stopped, frozen for a long moment, totally in disbelief of what I had just heard. At that moment in time I could not speak, I could hardly move. Lori turned and started walking fast for her car. I thought maybe she was crying but I think that was wishful thinking on my part. I went back to the camp fire, hardly said anything to anyone, everyone noticed but no one said anything about what had happened. I left after an eternity of about fifteen minutes, my mind full of things that had never been there before this night. On the way home I was angry, shocked, and hurt I think, but I decided to do as she asked and not try to change things, if that is what she wanted, good. Graduation is in the morning, time to move on.

Our big day came, commencement speeches, mortar board hats, long gowns, and honor cords, we had it all, along with hope for a bright future, and a feeling of peace that comes from being surrounded by friends and family. I don’t remember much about the ceremony, much like my wedding day 7 years later. I made it through the ceremony with a rye smile on my face and my mind somewhere else. Lori’s speech was great, I will take everyone at their word for that, I was in the auditorium but never heard it. My mother commented later that the speakers at our graduation were the best she had ever heard and that Lori had done an outstanding job. After the ceremony I told my parents that Lori and I had broken up. My mother said she felt really bad, Lori was such a nice girl, and by the look on my mother’s face I could see she was wondering what I had done to end the relationship. My dad flatly stated that it was for the better, after graduation he said, “everyone flushes like quail and ends up moving all over.” It was a great day and never have I been so happy for a day like that to end.

A couple years ago when I was updating my Facebook page, over on the right side of my profile a window pops up with a picture of someone I vaguely recognized. The caption under the picture says 8 mutual friends. I clicked on the picture and it was Lori, her family, husband, and bunch of her families pictures. Then I closed the window and decided not to click the friend request, she will eventually see my profile pop up I thought, then she can add me and I will accept. As I added more of the people I went to school with, Lori and I had more and more mutual Facebook friends. The last time her profile came up we had about 25 mutual friends, I finally sent her a friend request.

Time will tell if Lori will add me as a Facebook friend or not. But either way, I my not remember much of my graduation or what was said at the ceremony, I know I will never forget the chain of events leading up to it or who was the valedictorian of my class.

While facebook continues to be adored by one and all, instagram has sure made its rounds in the past few years by proving to be an excellent alternative on social media and is now ahead of its erstwhile counterpart by acquiring an iconic status among the youth today as numerous people have switched over from facebook and embraced instagram with open arms and its worth mentioning that real instagram likes starting from €2.99.

Where to Find the Best Bargains for TV Show DVD Sets

Ever since the DVD came along, fans of TV shows have been buying up their favorite programs on DVD sets. But full seasons or complete series sets on DVD can be pretty expensive. Some sets cost between $60-90, sometimes more. TV lovers are out of luck if they can’t figure that in their budget, but there are places where fans can find bargain rates for full sets of their favorite TV shows. Where are they? Deepdiscount.com, Amazon.com, and Ebay are great places to find cheap DVD TV full season sets, but which online shopping site offers the best bargains for TV lovers who want to stay within budget? However, there is another option for this. You can download cat mouse apk, if you are tight on your budget. You get free online streaming of movies and tv shows there.  Here’s a comparison of all three online sites:


Amazon.com offers a wide array of options for TV fans, including new and used DVD sets. The Complete First Season of Lost, for instance, was listed for $46.99, a 22% savings from the retail price of $59.99. Amazon.com also offers to ship this item for free in their Super Saver Shipper program (not all products sold on Amazon.com are available with free shipping, so keep shipping and handling costs in mind). Amazon.com also has 107 used and new options available for The Complete First Season of Lost, with prices starting at $32.98. The sellers are independent and are not affiliated with Amazon, so shipping costs and delivery time will vary. Still, Amazon.com’s New and Used options offer some great bargains. I bought the first three seasons of Homicide: Life on The Street off Amazon.com for under $20. So keep an eye out, you might find some really great bargains here.

Deep Discount DVD

Deep Discount DVD, like Amazon.com, has an amazing collection of movie and television DVDs, offering discounts for DVD TV sets off their retail prices. At Deep Discount DVD, for instance, The Complete First Season of Lost, went for $46.12, a savings of $13.83 from its retail price of $59.95. A real advantage for shopping at Deep Discount DVD is that the shipping is free, so marked off prices will always remain low. Deep Discount DVD also has DVD sells for under $10. To date, DVD sets such as Silk Stalkings – The Complete First Season and Profit – The Complete Series (starring Heroes’ Adrian Pasdar) for both $9.82. That’s an amazing bargain, but unfortuately there doesn’t appear to be a wide selection of DVD TV sets under this offer. But keep an eye out. Something more to your liking might turn up here.


E-Bay is the more popular venue for TV fans looking to find bargains for DVD sets of their favorite shows. For The Complete First Season of Lost, starting prices were as low as 1 cent and as high as $60. New and used options were availabe as well. The set back for buying on E-Bay, of course, is that most sells are auctions, so no matter how low a bid you place on a DVD set, there’s the likelihood that other bidders will inflate the price. And sometimes, if you’re dealing with a rare DVD set, these prices can end up being as high as $100. With a series like Lost, though, there are many auctions listed, thus keeping bids at a low price. E-Bay also has Buy It Now options, and for Lost, the highest price set for a new DVD set of the series went for $30 to $46, still a great bargain when compared to retail prices.

Amazon.com, Deep Discount DVD, and E-Bay all have their strengths and flaws when it comes to buying DVD TV sets online. And each offers something for the TV fan looking to have her own collection of her favorite TV shows. But over the last few years, when I began buying movies and DVD TV sets online, I have to say that the best bargains I’ve found were on Amazon.com. The site offers the most options for bargain hunters and has a great inventory of DVD TV sets.


How Is ELO boosting Connected To League of Legends?

In our modern generation, the world of online gaming is becoming more competitive in nature as a lot of players aim to advance their ranking and beat their opponents. League of Legends is one of the most popular competitive gaming that gamers across the globe are highly engaged into. With its amazing graphics, crazy gameplay and spectacular heroes, it is no doubt that the number of players playing this amazing game has been significantly increasing. To help players advance in the game, services like ELO boosting emerged in the gaming community.

Basically, ELO boosting is the process of increasing the rank of the accounts of the players. Allowing a third party usually known as booster to win games on it technically does this. Most of the time, ranked ELO boosting is a service that needs to be paid because this process requires skills and time to boost accounts in LOL. There are also other benefits or advantages of using ELO boosting service. First, players can have an easy payment method. By just using your credit card or PayPal account, you can easily set your payment and enjoy the game. Secondly, it is also easy to register and log in. All you have to do is to create an account and confirm it using your email. Consequently, you just have to add some of your personal details and you are all set. Lastly, you can also ensure the safety and protection of your accounts when using ELO boosting service. 

Generally, ELO boosting service is really helpful to players especially for those who are having a hard time to increase their ranking in the game. Hence, if you want to increase your creep score and ranking, go now and visit elo boosters website and experience its amazing benefits.

Probiotics – A Promising Intervention for IBS, IBD, and Pouchitis

In my article, Probiotics – How Much Should You Take…, I discuss findings of three clinical trials that prove the efficacy of using Pharmax probiotics to alleviate and prevent intestinal problems like diarrhea, dysbiosis due to antibiotics, and the overgrowth of yeast. Probiotics have emerged as quite promising in the treatment, maintenance, and prevention of inflammatory intestinal diseases.

The small and large intestine are populated with different strains of live bacteria – some “good” like Lactobacilli and Bifidobacteria and some “bad.” If the bad bacteria dominates the intestinal system, it becomes pathogenic. Normally, the good bacteria sticks to and coats the lining of the intestinal tract. In chronic inflammatory conditions of the tract, defects have developed in the lining, making it more permeable and allowing bad bacteria to coat the tract and eventually penetrate through the epithelium. The body’s immune system responds to the introduction of this bacteria, and inflammatory factors are released.

Disease can also be triggered by infectious organisms such as Salmonella and some e.Coli, viruses, allergies, and antibiotic use.

Why Pharmax Products?

Pharmax, a U.S. offshoot of the market leader of nutraceuticals in Europe, has done extensive research with specific strains of Lactobacilli and Bifidobacteria, and have discovered that four strains of these bacteria have proven the most effective in the treatment of IBS. Their trials also show that by using correct potency of these strains, symptoms of IBS can be significantly controlled, and remission can result. One product, HLC Synbiotic Intensive, also includes FOS, and has proven successful in the maintenance and even remission of IBD. In one study, remission was maintained in 85% of chronic pouchitis, compared to 0% in control patients, all of whom relapsed.

Pharmax Suggestions for IBS/IBD:

  1. HLC Synbiotic Intensive – 125 billion live cultures – Indicated for the maintenance and remission of IBD. Contains a highly anti-inflammatory strain of probiotics (L salivarius). Can quickly resolve dysbiosis.
  2. HLC Intensive Capsules – 24 billion live cultures – Indicated for dysbiosis and remission of IBD.
  3. HLC High Potency Capsules – 8 billion live cultures – Indicated for high level GI tract maintenance, prevention of dysbiosis, maintenance of remission of IBD.
  4. HLC Maintenance Capsules – 2 billion live cultures – Indicated to maintain optimal intestinal health in healthy people.

Here are some key points to remember:

  1. All probiotics are not the same quality. Read your labels – many contain only 2 billion live cultures.
  2. The correct strains of good bacteria need to be consumed, because they adhere better to the intestinal tract and others are more effective in lowering pathogens. Pharmax products contain very effective strains.
  3. The correct strength and potency of formulations are the most effective. You may need over 100 billion live cultures to reduce inflammation. Pharmax products contain high levels of cultures.
  4. Take your probiotic at the beginning of your meals – never on an empty stomach. There is a 90% survival rate of the good bacteria for Pharmax products in a full stomach.
  5. The lining of the intestinal tract is considered to be an immune barrier that protects us. Probiotics keep this layer healthy by continually stimulating it.
  6. When the good bacteria of the right strain is introduced, it then sticks to the lining of the epithelium instead of the bad bacteria. Pharmax’s strains have been proven to adhere well.
  7. As you grow older, you need a higher potency of probiotic to stay healthy – Pharmax suggests that those age 50 and above use higher doses.

Pharmax products are available through your natural healthcare practitioner. The age of the person should be considered while consuming mega spore biotic supplements. The cost of the supplements should be under the budget of the person. 

What Are The Most Popular Bitcoin Exchanges?

The popularity of the bitcoin is on its hype. There are so many investors are out there that are investing money in the Bitcoin. It is considered as one of the great decentralized currency where a person can easily invest money.

 If you are one who wants to invest money in such incredible currency, then it is your responsibility to determine the risk and profit. You will have to consider a perfect platform that will help you in investing the money in Bitcoin. It is the relatively great currency where the government isn’t interfering. If you want to buy the bitcoin, then it is your responsibility to create a particular checklist of the best Bitcoin exchanges and opt for the best one that will help you in buying the bitcoin. The following are some great Bitcoin exchanges that are offering a considerable amount of benefits to the investors.

  • Binance

When it comes to the best bitcoin exchange, then Binance is the first name that comes in our mind. It is fairly one of the most popular cryptocurrency exchanges that are offering so many benefits to the investors. All you need to go to this web-site and create an account carefully. It is one of the great exchanges that will help you in expanding the business. This particular platform is featuring a decent discount for the traders.  Such an exchange is offering the native coin that is well known as BNB.

  • Coinbase

There are so many bitcoin investors are out there that are making the use of Coinbase, which is considered as one of the most popular exchange.

Moving Further, these are some most popular bitcoin exchanges that will help you in buying the bitcoins. Make sure that you are considering the best exchange that will able to offer up-to-date news.

Xbox 360 Vs. Nintendo Wii

Why? Because, lets face it, the PS3 is getting owned in the market. It is out of the competition. Personally, I went out and bought the Xbox 360 because of the great titles, and because of its great online features. Recently, some of my family members bought me a Win as a gift. At first, I did not think I was going to like it, since I was a Microsoft fanboy. After giving Wii sports a spin, I quick changed my decision. And then, an idea came to me and I said to myself, “It would be a great article to write about my experience as an Xbox 360 and Wii owner!” So here I am, writing about my experience with the Xbox 360 and the Wii.

This debate will never end, but this is just my side of it.

Graphics-The Xbox 360 wins easily in this department. The Xbox 380 supports 1080ps and the Wii only supports 480i, which is standard def.

Price-The Wii is significantly cheaper, meAning more young people will consider it. Also, Wii games, on average, are approximately $10 cheaper than Xbox games.

Variety-I would have to say that the Xbox 360 has more variety than the Wii. From games like Rock Band, to NBA 2k8, to Call of Duty 4, you will never get bored. Most of the great games for the Wii are Mario games from Nintendo.

Controller-Most people are likely expecting me to say Wii, but that is not the case. The Wii-mote is definitely a very cool controller, but it isn’t quite as responsive as I hoped. When I was playing Wii boxing, I tried to do hooks and uppercuts, to no avail. It started doing these weird, twitchy motions instead. When I just started flailing wildly, it threw hooks and uppercuts. Sometimes, creative ideas are hard to implement into games. Besides, I like to get lazy and sit back on my couch to play games. With the Wii, I have to stand up and get a/l into it.

Online-Xbox live is infinitely greater than any other online gaming service I have ever seen. Period.

Features-The Wii has backwards computability, and it can use Game cube Controllers. The Ni also has a nice internet browser that can conveniently browse Situs Judi Slot for online games which can only be accessed with the help of computers. However, the Xbox 360 can play DVDs, supports voice chat, and you can rent movies, and watch TV shows on it. It also has much more demos and downloadable content in the XBL marketplace.

Fun-The most important category. It is hard to say. The Wii is more fun when it comes to sports games, but the Xbox 360 is more fun when It comes to shooters and action games. I think that this argument has to go beyond gaming. Ok, the Wii really doesn’t have much outside of gaming, so I have to give this one to the Xbox 360, which can play, DVDs, music, and much more.

Crazy Over Bitcoin – Should You Jump Into The Frenzy?

Investors and the media are all going into fever-pitch frenzy with the Bitcoin Revolution. As Bitcoin prices soar, a lot of millionaires have been created over the past year. This prompted many investors to take action.

Bitcoin, the leading cryptocurrency in the world, is showcased to be the new money or alternative to fiat money because of its rising value. However, this has also inspired Bitcoin imitators to create the same blockchain-backed digital currency in the hope that they could be the one to truly make that breakthrough and replace money for good.

Will Bitcoin Replace Fiat Money?

Bitcoin has been a phenomenal ride for many investors. As many financial and consumer corporations, major banks, and even governments have been supportive of Bitcoin, this endorsed Bitcoin as a surefire worthy investment.

Many investors are excited the idea of getting into Bitcoin, dubbed to be the “next big thing” because it basically rides into the idea of buying when the prices are low and then selling when the prices are high. The idea too that anyone can buy and profit online with Bitcoin has been transormative and alluring.

People have been sold on the idea of Bitcoin as the future currency because it’s safe, anonymous, and has no middlemen. However, unlike money, Bitcoin is not a medium of exchange. It can be a unit of value or an asset but not a solid medium of exchange.

The Bitcoin craze is said to be a cryptobubble that’s waiting to burst. It’s a wild west out there and a very volatile one. Many scammers have also taken advantage of the Bitcoin craze and started collecting fund for so-called Initial Coin Offerings or ICO that would never progress or materialize. The intent of some ICOs is just to rip people off and deceive.

So, would Bitcoin replace money in entirety? Not likely.