Pompadour, The Trendiest Hairstyle For Men

Pompadour is the new cool in hairstyles for men. When one is looking for a hot makeover and willing to wear a sturdy look, Pompadour is surely the best choice. A rugged beard worn with a neat pompadour, one is ready to make an impression and stand out in public. Women are surely to go gaga over him.

Origins: –

The term ‘Pompadour’ has been coined from the name of Madame de Pompadour, the mistress of King Louis XV. Pompadour primarily originated as a haircut for women, famous till the early 1900’s and the popularity was such that it was even referred as the Gibson Girl style back then. Later Elvis Presley, the rock god went for Pompadour around 1950 and the hairstyle was launched as a men’s hairstyle. Soon men around the globe began to adapt it.


Classification: –

Pompadour hairstyle can be classified into three kinds. The classic vintage, the famed modern and the very lately prevailing ‘fade’.

Traditional look: –

Men willing to opt for a refined yet a cool look and businessmen should choose the vintage look. One’s longer hair strands swept side ward tenders the theatric appearance and also matches the short beard perfectly. To sport a restrained and classic look, one should not clip his upper part of the hair higher than the crown. A person having chubby cheeks or a round faced man is not to opt for this lest it would become a fashion disaster. The oh-so dashing looks of celebs like Bruno Mars and James Franco can do the talking for how much this style is a craze.

Modern look: –

Innovative playfulness and experimental approaches of hairstylists introduced the world to the modern Pompadour. The back and side part of one’s hair must be trimmed down to grade one and the middle part is to be swept upwards in an angle. A much gutsy act is to shave it up to the crown. The style is a fantastic merging of the vintage look and the undercut but unlike the vintage, it perfectly suits people with round faces also as the reduced width of the face makes it look less wide. David Beckham’s absolutely drool-worthy appearance testifies to how much the style is in vogue.

The ‘fade’: –

The ‘fade’ Pompadour is the modified version of the skin fade and the modern Pompadour. The style is to shave the back and side part of the head as bald as to almost reveal the skin. One has to sweep his middle hair upward along the top. Depending on the length of one’s hair one can select from undercut, ducktail, slick back etcetera. It is quite an expensive style requiring constant care of drying one’s hair with a towel, blow drying, using a pomade, brushing one’s hair at an angle of 60 degree upward, having to apply a hairspray from a distance of 10inch and such on.

Other varieties: –

There are other varieties of Pompadour. Those include-

  • Psychobilly type,
  • Disconnected Top,
  • Side-parted type,
  • Rockabilly type,
  • Tight Taper,
  • Ducktail type etcetera.


 Tips to follow: –

One should keep in mind certain things before opting for a Pompadour.

  • Franchises must be avoided,
  • Select a barber with positive online reviews,
  • Look for one with an Instagram account,
  • Choose Murray’s pomade for thick hair,
  • Opt for Woody’s pomade for thin hair,
  • Go for the style that will compliment the face.

Pompadour raises the style quotient in an instant and makes way for an elegant, handsome look. This makes it the top choice by million men around the world.

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