Popular Coffee Lies

The human race has a lot to thank coffee for.  Many conversations that metamorphosed in to marriage started at a Coffee shop. Friends and business acquaintances love to meet over coffee and so do acquaintances who want to know more about each other.  A lot of dogma has been thrown around the popular beverage. Science and medical experts say it is a friend and foe at the same time. It is normal for a person to defend what they love by twisting the truth or embellishing it. Coffee fans do it all the time and some of their twisted truths have become gospel truth. These are some of the popular lies told about organic Fair Trade coffee at www.nectaroflife.info


  1. Organic coffee means that it was grown without pest repellents. The truth is that organic coffee means that any repellents used were natural and not made out of chemicals. Natural pest repellents are animal dung and compost manure.
  2. Non organic coffee was grown using chemical pest repellents. The best coffee growers grow it in temperatures that are unfavourable for pests. Most farms depend on environmental friendly ways to cope with pests if any.
  3. Organic coffee is better in quality than other types of coffee. The quality of coffee involves the quality of the standards maintained from the soil quality to how where you buy it from makes it. If it is roasted poorly, it will be poor in quality.
  4. Caffeine is more addictive than nicotine. It takes taking more than the required amount of anything to become addicted.



The process of certifying coffee as organic is largely dependent on how it is grown. An addition of chemicals means that the coffee will not be certified as organic. Coffee growers know this and won’t do it because it puts them out of business.

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