Promoting My AC Content Helped Me Increase My Page Views by 50%

For those of you who feel that promoting your AC content is a waste of time or simply not worth the effort, let me counter that opinion for you. Until two months ago, I had never bothered to promote my AC content, relying instead on good key words and Google searches to have people find my articles.

When AC implemented its page view program, I was at last able to see firsthand what articles received the most page views, and which articles were doing dismally poor. I also received my first page view bonus payment, and was suddenly struck with the incentive to promote my AC content in an effort to consistently raise my page views each month and thus earn a higher bonus.

For the two months before I started promoting, I was averaging about 30,000 page views per month. Now, I also have about 300 articles published, so while 30,000 page views per month may seem high, it actually averages out to about 1,000 per article, which, having read several discussions in the forums, many AC content producers are also averaging with only a small amount of articles published.

I did several things to promote my AC content, and have seen my page views swell from 30,000 to about 45,000 this month, about a 50% increase. One of the first things I began doing to promote my AC content was to become more active in the forums. If someone had a question and I knew the answer, or if I just wanted to contribute to the conversation, I did so, making sure to provide a link to my content or a relevant article. In this way, I began to gain the notice of other CPs, and I’m sure gathered a few page views.

Browsing the forums also brought to my attention two AC groups on Yahoo, which I promptly joined. PromoteYourACArticles is one, and AC-Friends is the other. I’m sure there are quite a few more out there. The object of AC related groups is mainly to further share and promote your content amongst the other members of the group, earning more page views, but also to share valuable information about AC.

When reading some forum threads, I also found others who had blogs and/or Squidoo pages by which you could also submit your articles or ask to have links posted back to your AC content. This likely got me a few more page views as well.

Granted, all this probably doesn’t account for many page views unless you have managed to build up a big network of friends and subscribers to your content. I myself only have about 15 subscribers, so that really doesn’t translate into a lot of page views, but every little bit helps. Your main source of page views will come from people searching the internet. Keyword density is an important factor, which I’ll get to in a minute, but a little promotion also goes a long way, and there are many tools available to help you promote.

AC provides a number of tools to help you promote your AC content, you can find the tools and tips under the Community Resources tab. One of the tools I used was adding the RSS feed to my MySpace page, and “Read my AC Content” buttons to two blogs I started for the purpose of promoting my AC content.

One blog essentially links to all my food-related articles, and is not regularly updated, but rather acts as a directory to articles categorized by subject. The other is more post-focused, and also links to my food-related articles, but with more in-depth postings and other information. I’m hoping in the future that this blog gathers at least a small following. You can view my blogs at and

I have noticed a large increase in page views on some of my food-related articles, so I have to assume that some of the traffic is coming from my blogs. I also listed my Kitchen Index blog with Technorati, My Blog Log, Bloglines, Stumble Upon, My Yahoo, and Chef’s Blogs, among others, raising the chances of it being discovered in a search.

I started a few Squidoo pages as well, which also point to several of my articles that tend to be on a related subject, such as vacations on Block Island. Squidoo pages can be set up with some basic links and info in a relatively short amount of time, and can be further expanded upon as you see fit. My Squidoo page on the new Nine Inch Nails album contains a fair bit of info, but only points to only one article. My Squidoo page on Block Island is pretty sparse, except for the links. As vacationing on Block Island is a seasonal thing, I have yet to see how successful this Squidoo page might be. It will almost certainly benefit from some more resourceful links and pictures.

I also to a very small degree began Digging some articles, as well as using Yahoo My Web, Furl, and a few other social bookmarking sites. I did this for only a small percentage of articles, and saw quite a few articles gather extra Diggs, and I’m sure a good amount of page views in the process. To find out the best way to Digg your own articles, check out this great article about using Digg to promote your AC content.

Furthering my efforts to promote my AC content, I included links to an article or two in my email signature.

Finally, I focused on my articles themselves. After reading a recent article on keyword density, I realized I could do better. As I write new articles, I’m not actually using any keyword density tools, I’m just making sure to use the keyword or keyword phrase more significantly than I have in the past, about twice in every paragraph. I have to assume I’m doing something right, because my offers on average have all been about $8.00 per article during the last 2-3 months, not counting news articles, which only receive a maximum of $5.00. I’m sure the new tagging feature AC has implemented has also helped my content become more searchable as well.

So, while I’ve utilized quite a few options to promote my AC content, I’ve still actually still done very little promoting as compared to others, yet my page views have increased significantly. With that in mind, imagine how much your own page views can increase if you not only promote your AC content but combine your promotion with articles that have great keyword density on highly searchable topics. Different websites will be made available to the interested person so that they can click here to read his review. The reading of the reviews will be beneficial for the person.