Review: Kirkland Brand Rwandan Coffee

Do you like strong bodied coffee that’s going to provide you with a “wake up now” moment upon drinking it? If so, one robust coffee sold at Costco’s and online might just fit the bill for you. The Kirkland Rwandan coffee is infused with what seems to be steroids, as even if you are lacking a good night of sleep, you’ll be fully awake after drinking a mug of this formula. It’s java with a bite, and sold in bags that are three pounds in size, for around $12. Its an excellent value for its sheer volume, and the brown bag with an African woman carrying coffee beans on her head in a basket, let’s you know you are getting something exotic. Coffees from that continent have always been popular, but most of them have originated from the Rift Valley Region of Kenya.

As most know, Rwanda has been subjected to numerous wars, and genocide on an unimaginable scale. Thankfully, this country has been more peaceful that past few years, as agreements have been reached to stop most of the fighting. I’m hoping that their coffee will be successful, because any export that this country could make profitable, could only help them develop away from being considered “Third World.” Kenya has succeeded greatly with coffee, and while not among the richest countries on the globe, it has had more opportunities over the years for its citizens. I’m glad that this Rwandan coffee is strong, and provides a necessary boost to tough mornings. Yet, how does it stack up compared to other blends? I also used single serve coffee maker no pods for this product.

Unfortunately, the taste is a bit more acidic than other African blends. This was a disappointment, and while I can detect notes of chocolate and citrus, I don’t like how it can cause heartburn if drank in minimal quantities. The taste is a bit flat as well, and just doesn’t seem to offer the array of flavors one would expect from a robust coffee. There’s a bit of a watery side to it, and this won’t go away no matter how much of the beans you blend up for a cup or two. I do like the fact there’s a bit of smokiness to it, and that there’s no aftertaste whatsoever. That is quite common in strong coffees, and I will give this blend credit for being able to eliminate that annoyance.

This is a good coffee for those who need a morning kick, but I wouldn’t call it sophisticated. In fact, I’m a bit bummed by its simplicity, and that it does seem to cause heartburn along with its watery taste. While its not expensive, Kirkland’s other choices seem to be a better value for your money. Rwanda has been through a lot of chaos, and I’m wondering if their coffee beans will be improved upon in future years of culmination. Nicaragua’s cigar tobacco suffered after their civil war, but has become among the world’s best. Perhaps this coffee will reach a higher level of quality like they did. So unless you need a boost of caffeine when waking up, there are better alternatives out there to choose from.