Sneak Peak Pokemon Go Battle Mode

One of the most eagerly anticipated new Pokemon Go features, the Pokemon Go battle mode is just around the corner according to this interview from the WSJ. In this interview, Tsunekazu Ishihara the CEO of The Pokemon Company shows off the all-new PvP system for Pokemon Go and talks about new features.

According to the CEO, Niantic is planning these releases slowly as to “not overwhelm” it’s player base. Currently being tested and set to be released soon, the new Pokemon Go battle mode could change the way that trainers play the game. So go get an upgrade to your Pokemon Go accounts with

When will Pokemon Go Battle Mode be released?

The code and components of the all-new battle mode have been in the game code for quite some time. However, just when the new Pokemon battle mode will go live has yet to be announced. According to The Pokemon Company CEO Ishihara;

“Battling is a category that we do best at Pokemon, after all, it’s important to really carefully consider any feature that may increase the difficulty and raise the barrier to entry for more casual users.”

According to Niantic, they are taking valuable lessons from their previous augmented reality game, Ingress to help roll out and develop Pokemon Go Battle Mode for a more well-rounded experience.

“But we’re trying our best to rethink what the experience should be; what that real-world Pokemon experience should be like. Obviously, we’re learning from Ingress, but it’s going to be a pretty different game. We have a vision for Pokemon, we’re gonna execute on it, but we’re gonna learn based on what the community reaction is.”

The latest Pokemon Go update has given us the ability to walk our Pokemon buddies for candy, but trainers want more. Needless to say, Pokemon Go could use some of these new features to help attract new gamers and players who have maybe tired of the game. Pokemon Go is losing players are a record rate, although given the initial success of the game it was to be expected.