Social Security Investment

Social Security is one of the issues facing America today. Some people want us to be allowed to invest some of the money while other people constantly say “No that is not a good idea.” I am asking all of you who read this article “Why not?”

Why isn’t it a good idea to invest one-quarter or one-third of our hard earned money in a really safe place, like a bank account or municipal bonds where we would get tax free interest, that’s right, tax free interest. Isn’t that what the wealthy people do, invest in municipal bonds which pay tax free interest?

The reason I say a bank account is because that money would collect interest, in fact even an insurance policy would be better than investing all of the money in social security. The reason I mention these two ways of investing our money is because if we should pass before retirement age then at least our family would get some of our money.

For those of you who might not be aware of why social security is not working it is because for social security to work six people have to put into the fund, four of the six have to pass away for the other two to collect. Since most of us are living longer the ratio is not the same, therefore the fund is running dry.

Another view is that those who do pass before they start to collect never collect a penny of the money they have given into the fund. If they were to have that money invested in a bank account or an insurance policy they the people they live will get to collect some of their hard earned money. Think about how many people you know who never collect one dime of their money. Think of all the people who do not have any children and if they pass before collecting their money goes down the drain. If they had been able to save some of it, then they could have left it to family or friends.

Our representatives don’t pay social security, therefore, the social security policy does not concern them in any way. They get nice pensions, bodyguards and all the fringe benefits we will never see. That is why they can play ping-pong with social security and other issues. If they were in the same boat as we were they might think differently.

In fact that is why so many of them are pushing euthanasia, if we kill our old people off then we will have more money in our social security account. Don’t you think it is time you really study the issues before you vote in any election and know how the person you are voting for votes on the issues that concern you and your family.

Its time to let all of our representatives know we want some results, we are tired of watching them play ping-pong with all the issues. We need solutions to all of our issues, and solutions that will give us a chance at living the same lives that they do. Let them pay into social security as we do, not get a pension fit for kings and queens to live on. This is America and we should all have the same rights as they do. So when we get our shares, we can invest in any platforms that we prefer such as Haus Kaufen ohne Eigenkapital.