The Best Riddles With Answers From RiddlesDB

Riddles may not seem all that significant in life but they’re not only fun but beneficial. These riddles will help pass the time and stimulate the brain. It’s also incredibly fulfilling when you spend a significant time getting stumped by a riddle and figure it out later on your own. Books filled with riddles are one thing, but they’re not all that convenient especially when you’re not the type to adjust to a book while lying on the bed before sleeping. We’re sure you’ll enjoy websites like, let us walk you through it.


After answering an entire book of riddles, there’s really nothing left to do but to move on to the next book and let it just sit in a lonely bookshelf until someone else becomes interested. The same cannot be said for websites like At initial glance, you’ll immediately see the latest riddles posted on the website. You read that right, the ‘latest’ riddles because the website updates and adds riddles on a daily basis so you basically won’t run out of brainteasers. The riddles are divided into categories displayed on the right side of the page; there are many categories including short, math, tricky, funny, easy, family and even what am I’s.

For added convenience to the users, the answers to the riddles are not displayed giving you enough time to ponder over what the answer may be without necessarily covering your screen. When you decide to check your answer or just plain gave up on a certain riddle, click on the button that says ‘answer’ right below the riddle that you’re curious about. Below the answer button, you’ll notice the thumbs up and thumbs down remark; this is to see if whether or not the users were satisfied with the answers to the riddles.