The Italian Serie A Round Up

AC Milan has just succeeded in winning the Italian Super Cup after defeating the mighty Juventus in the finals on penalties. This might be just the start to their rise to the top and Juventus might finally get some competition from their old foes. This season is going really great for Serie A fans because like the last few season, the title is not a one horse race anymore. 1x2-football-betting-market


Roma have been putting a lot of pressure on the champions since the last three seasons and now that they have their squad at their best, they have really cut down on the point difference between themselves and Juventus. It is going to get even more exciting as we head towards the second half of the season as players are going to suffer from fatigue. Many people will be putting their money on Roma to win it this year and finally oust Juventus.


Juventus are on top of the table for the 5th year in a row and they look as strong as ever even after losing their central midfield pairing in the last two seasons. They have bought the likes of Higuain so that they can aim for the Champions League this season and confirm their position as one of the greatest Football bets clubs. Juventus will rely on the fitness of their centre back pairing in Bonucci and Chiellini to bolster them forward.cropped-picheaderblog


AC Milan may have slipped a bit off the title race but they are just 4 points off a Champions League spot and it is a source of renewed hope for the fans if their squad gets back into the Champions League next season. It will help them attract quality players next season and compete for the title. The squad is very young and players like Donnarumma and Suso have been phenomenal. Can definitely see them as strong title contenders next season.

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