The Must Have Test Before Applying For A Cscs Card

If you are in the construction industry and you are in need of a CSCS card, you will be required to do a CSCS test. This healthy, safety and environment test is mandatory for all applicants. The good thing is, it is a multiple choice type of questionnaire which, if you have done your CSCS mock tests,  you will easily pass it.

It is a computer-based test whereby you will be accessed on areas of safety, health, and hazards which are related to your trade. The basic test which is the operative CSCS test is the test which is taken by a majority of construction workers including carpenters, bricklayers, and laborers. After you have done this test, you will be well equipped to improve safety and health and thus reduce injuries, accidents, and deaths while at the construction site.


After using the CSCS mock test, you will be in a position to book your CSCS test. You can book it by either filling forms and deliver it to the nearest CSCS test center or fill it online. You can also book this test over the telephone.

The information you need before making a booking include:

  • You should know which test you are going to take; whether it is specialists, laborer, professional, operative, or manager’s test.
  • You should have your CITB registration number. This number is only available if you have done the test before or have applied for other card schemes like CPCS, CSCS, or CISRS.
  • You should be in a position to know if you require any special assistance in regard to the test
  • You should have your address details at hand


  • Decide on the payment method you are going to use; whether a debit or credit card or a voucher which you can purchase from an online store

Booking your test online is possible after you have registered your details. You can also make a telephone call to the nearest center and get yourself booked. Most centers are open from 8am to 8pm from Monday through Friday and up to midday on Saturdays. Once you book, you will be given a date and time. The details will be sent to your email or through thepost as you deem convenient. You can also get a 24-hour reminder on email or an SMS on your phone before your test day.

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