Things To Know About Hunk Beds

It has been reported that nearly thirty six thousand accidents relating to bunk beds for kids happen every year in the United States. It doesn’t matter how old these kids are. They could be toddlers, teen agers, young college adults sleeping soundly in the safety of their dorms.

A lot of these kids get hurt from sleeping on a bunk bed, and it’s usually because of falling from the top bed. They all get sent to the hospital with broken bones, fractures, and concussions. Most injuries occur to the head, with the face and the neck being most affected.

If you don’t want something like this to happen to your kid, then don’t get a bunk bed for them at all. While it is true that this does not happen to all children, you can’t very well risk your child’s own safety for the sake of “hoping” it will not happen to them.

But wait a minute. Before we totally close our doors to something that could potentially create more happy memories to your kids, let us first find out what causes these accidents to occur. Is it because bunk beds are all bad? Or because there was something wrong with the design to begin with?

First of all, when looking for bunk beds for kids, you have to learn just how sturdy it is. Just because the design looks great doesn’t mean it should already be the one you should choose. There are a few things to consider. Keep on reading below to find out what they are.

Type Of Bunk Bed 

First of all, you need to decide how big you want the bunk bed to be. Measure the room first where it is going to be placed. A twin over twin bunk bed may be a good idea, but a twin over full can mean double the sturdiness and safety. But then again, that all depends on how well it has been constructed. Make sure you research on that as well.

Type Of Wood Used

Some people prefer solid wood versus manufactured wood due to obvious reasons. Make sure you ask the manufacturer about this.

Is It Easy To Set Up? 

Well, most bunk beds would take hours before they can be put together, but there are some that can be assembled amazingly quick and easy. Be sure to look out for those as well.

Slat Kits And Bunkie Boards, Anyone? 

Slat kits are great in adding level support to the mattress, and the bunkie board pretty much help the same way. Some sets come with just one of them, or both.


If the top bunk doesn’t have this, then it’s out of the question. Make sure that it’s at least three and a half inches high so that it would do a good job of blocking your child from a possible fall. At the same time, that height would also be good to make sure they don’t strangle or trap/wedge themselves in by accident.

Be sure that you know the answer to these questions before you go ahead and make the purchase. There are a lot of bunk beds for kids out there, you just need to make sure you weed out the bad options from the good ones, to prevent any accidents from happening.Bunk beds are great to save space but should one save space at the cost of causing accidents? However, one cannot rule out the usefulness and practicality of bunk beds which is where Laste Voodi steps in. They have the products for the aforementioned tips and features so that one gets only the best for their kids or the tourist hostel you are setting up.