Unfolding the mystery in the historical landmarks of Pokemon Go!!

A free to play augmented reality game in the mobile space that has taken the world by storm is none other than Pokemon Go!! From children to young adults and also working professionals and celebrities are in awe with this enticing game that has the potential to turn heads even in the sphere of a crowd. Coming straight from the cute cartoon character that brought unlimited entertainment and fun than in the traditional times that has met yet another platform in the form of digital arena of technology is the game of Pokemon Go that has successfully managed to win hearts instantly. Indeed the character was so popular and likeable that the introduction of the game in the mobile space was an icing on the cake and indeed being loved by one and all.2668f5

This massive multiplayer browser game that is a beautiful creation by the mastermind of Nintendo has managed to bring laurels very soon since the time of its introduction. Niantic Labs as the developer has created some magic moments in the exquisite game that is full on fun, entertainment and enthusiasm. Pokemon Go is a captivating game that has been brought into the picture for Android as well as IOS devices and it basically works on the ever changing location of the player. Just switch on the camera of the device and eventually take pleasure of exploring the wonder landmarks and looking for the adorable Pokemon wandering in the real world. As the game commences, a real world specific map is displayed on the digital screens which brings into the picture virtual entities of the game that have been resolved by the servers of the game that are inclusive of the PokeStops and Pokegyms. The specific character of this wonder game is exhibited on the screens which makes a movement further as the players takes a step forward.014_maxresdefault

An augmented reality game that has been developed and executed in just a beautiful way that it has captivated the minds of the online gaming enthusiasts is yet again the Pokemon Go.  The real joy and fun elevates when the player explores the giant monuments and tries his best to get hold of Pokemon and the most difficult one that is to catch Pikatchu. But if you are a smart player, then make it a strategy to catch the Pikatchu first and ignore others on your way. Getting hold of PIKATCHU brings to you more points in the game. Pokecoins are an important element being the specific in game currency in the game because it allows you to purchase the much needed items in the game.

Easiest ways to collect free Pokecoins

So, we bring to you the two most easiest and accessible ways to get free pokecoins in the game: –

  • One of the simplest ways to get Pokemons in the game is to take over the entity of gyms in the game. Topple the team of the opponent or the other way round is to add a Pokemon to the gym. For every particular Pokemon, you will be getting an incredible amount of 10 Pokecoins that is referred to as the Defender Bonus. This one is indeed time consuming and a hard nut to crack. There is a lot of hard work you need to put into the same. By employing this way, you save your money to purchase coins at the Pokestops.
  • Another way is indeed to search for Pokemon at the greener sides which will eventually earn you more pokecoins and also an important resource of the pokecoins is the corner floor of the game. If you are still not satisfied with the number of pokecoins, you can also use the hack and cheats tool to get free coins as well as Pokeballs in the game.

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