Way to Check Originality among Students

A student should be inculcated to think unique and think big. They should be able to derive knowledge and ideas from stuffs present in the internet or in books, but they should be able to put forward their own unique thinking. But sometimes they indulge in plagiarism and that’s why teachers find it difficult to track them down. But there are various sites and portals which help them to track and identify the plagiarism involved. The plagiarism checker for teachers contains everything from tracking down plagiarism to maintaining the students’ grades record.


PlagTracker.com is one such site which provides a one-stop solution to all the teachers who want to check plagiarism. In this site first you have to include or exclude the words or phrases which you don’t want to have in the student’s sheet. This customization helps you to scan through the student’s copy easily. This may include popular names, phrases or quotes related to the topic. There is also a feature called grading system which helps you to identify the grammatical errors or mistakes and track down the originality.

Now coming to the major part, it has got a unique feature of tallying documents and iterating through all the lines to understand if there are any errors or plagiarism. So this plagiarism checker for teachers is an excellent solution for teachers to eradicate plagiarism. The bibliography or source check feature is also part of this plagiarism checker. This can instantly prove whether the document is real or crooked.

Finally, there are various sites or product like this available in the internet. Desktop products require installation and initial customization. You can reduce time and effort during assessing students’ performance and grade. It also reduces error in assessing and prejudice. Check out for more of such products in the internet.

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