What Are Some Good Board Games Which Can Be Played By Just One Player?

Board games have become popular over the years. Despite the continuous advancement of technology where new gadgets and devices are being created as a form of entertainment, studies show that board games  still are on the rise. Hence, board games are fun to play with teammates or other players as competitors. That would also mean that most of board games couldn’t be played solo. But gone are the days of that thinking. Today, there are a lot of board games that can be played by just one player. Curious what they are? Read on.

Gloomhaven – Solo Board Game

One of the best choices when we talk about solo board games is Gloomhaven. This is a one playermode board game that allows you to be in a town in a medieval settingnamed the name itself Gloomhaven. In this game, you will be required to take parts on different stages and side quests to allow you to progress in the entire game.

Terraforming Mars

Another solo board game is Terraforming Mars. This game is in the time of 25th century setting. It provides you different tasks with terraforming Mars. It is considered as a sci fi action board game that bring you to a different world or planet. This is a nice solo board game because it allows you to manage different corporations in building a new world.


This board game is designed in an alternate history where the world is fighting disarray and unrest in the middle of a battle funded by a thing known only as the Factory. This is more of a control or an area game so you have the full access of the game.

These are the top picks solo board games that you can play in 24 hours.