Where to Find the Best Bargains for TV Show DVD Sets

Ever since the DVD came along, fans of TV shows have been buying up their favorite programs on DVD sets. But full seasons or complete series sets on DVD can be pretty expensive. Some sets cost between $60-90, sometimes more. TV lovers are out of luck if they can’t figure that in their budget, but there are places where fans can find bargain rates for full sets of their favorite TV shows. Where are they? Deepdiscount.com, Amazon.com, and Ebay are great places to find cheap DVD TV full season sets, but which online shopping site offers the best bargains for TV lovers who want to stay within budget? However, there is another option for this. You can download cat mouse apk, if you are tight on your budget. You get free online streaming of movies and tv shows there.  Here’s a comparison of all three online sites:


Amazon.com offers a wide array of options for TV fans, including new and used DVD sets. The Complete First Season of Lost, for instance, was listed for $46.99, a 22% savings from the retail price of $59.99. Amazon.com also offers to ship this item for free in their Super Saver Shipper program (not all products sold on Amazon.com are available with free shipping, so keep shipping and handling costs in mind). Amazon.com also has 107 used and new options available for The Complete First Season of Lost, with prices starting at $32.98. The sellers are independent and are not affiliated with Amazon, so shipping costs and delivery time will vary. Still, Amazon.com’s New and Used options offer some great bargains. I bought the first three seasons of Homicide: Life on The Street off Amazon.com for under $20. So keep an eye out, you might find some really great bargains here.

Deep Discount DVD

Deep Discount DVD, like Amazon.com, has an amazing collection of movie and television DVDs, offering discounts for DVD TV sets off their retail prices. At Deep Discount DVD, for instance, The Complete First Season of Lost, went for $46.12, a savings of $13.83 from its retail price of $59.95. A real advantage for shopping at Deep Discount DVD is that the shipping is free, so marked off prices will always remain low. Deep Discount DVD also has DVD sells for under $10. To date, DVD sets such as Silk Stalkings – The Complete First Season and Profit – The Complete Series (starring Heroes’ Adrian Pasdar) for both $9.82. That’s an amazing bargain, but unfortuately there doesn’t appear to be a wide selection of DVD TV sets under this offer. But keep an eye out. Something more to your liking might turn up here.


E-Bay is the more popular venue for TV fans looking to find bargains for DVD sets of their favorite shows. For The Complete First Season of Lost, starting prices were as low as 1 cent and as high as $60. New and used options were availabe as well. The set back for buying on E-Bay, of course, is that most sells are auctions, so no matter how low a bid you place on a DVD set, there’s the likelihood that other bidders will inflate the price. And sometimes, if you’re dealing with a rare DVD set, these prices can end up being as high as $100. With a series like Lost, though, there are many auctions listed, thus keeping bids at a low price. E-Bay also has Buy It Now options, and for Lost, the highest price set for a new DVD set of the series went for $30 to $46, still a great bargain when compared to retail prices.

Amazon.com, Deep Discount DVD, and E-Bay all have their strengths and flaws when it comes to buying DVD TV sets online. And each offers something for the TV fan looking to have her own collection of her favorite TV shows. But over the last few years, when I began buying movies and DVD TV sets online, I have to say that the best bargains I’ve found were on Amazon.com. The site offers the most options for bargain hunters and has a great inventory of DVD TV sets.