Why Instagram Is The Secret Ingredient for Connections

Instagram is a mobile photo application, developed by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger, that constrains all images to a square similar to the old Polaroid photos.Beautiful instant images taken by smartphones running either IOS or Android are the product of their innovative idea that people like to share what they see instantly, but desire the ability to tweak their images too.

Instagram is the sharing venue for instantaneous news photographers, food bloggers, nature lovers, scenic photography and live events.Thefilter slightly weakens the center of the photo and increases exposure.adds a golden central glow.

Filteradds some vintage effect. Your photo will look like it’s from 1980.Thefilters provides vintage colors, high contrast, and golden hues.Thisfilter is cool for outdoor and landscape photography, add some peaceful and soothing effect to your photo.drops out the color to black and white and increases the wash of lightfilter, it will bring some saturated colors and shadows to your photo.is a vintage and retro filter.

filter provides “horror” effect to your photo. Sutro adds “scary” effect due emphasis on purple and brown.adds some twinkle in the middle of your photo.Filteradds some metal effect to your photosconverts the image to black and whiteFilterWashed-out color with bluish overtonesFilterlooks like a softer version of Lo-Fi.Filteradds some vintage effect.

Your photo will look like it’s from 1980.Filterallows you to watch life through rose-colored glassesFilterget a photo of the 70-s, a little bit faded and solar.Filtercreates Warm feelings. Photos become more vivid and sensual.The service surpassed 50 million in users shortly after opening the app to Android customers (It was previously only available on the iPhone). About 5 million mobile photographers are signing up each week.

A picture shared on social media from Instagram can carry the conversation to Twitter Facebook, Tumblr, Flickr, and Foursquare with simple clicks, multiplying the impact of that image with a single share.For Business Use, there are incredible benefits and some cautions:Instagram makes all urls included in a post into plain old text all except for the one in your profile.

Optimize that one, share EVERYTHING with a carefully curated hashtag or two. See how powerful this ability to snap an image at an event and share it.Document progress in work, using an incredibly easy smartphone based tool. Perfect for contractors, designers, and bakers to share the process and tell the story.

Instagram now has the ability to take a 15 second video and send it directly to a person.This addition was in response to Snapchat and Vine but fortunately hasn’t veered into the problems of being held to 17+ or having nude pictures shared out.Instagram was purchased by Facebook on April 19, 2012. Its co-founders said users should anticipate new features soon. Instagram went from zero-revenue startup to $1 billion company once it was purchased by Facebook.

We’re still waiting for the integration of @mentions to occur. In Facebook , @mentions create a live link to a friends profile. If you attempt to create one in Instagram, the act of sharing it out makes it go dead.All active businesses need an Instagram profile for one basic reason.You need to be there to be referenced by your clients (and future clients).

Nothing is more frustrating for a happy influencer than discovering that your business can’t be mentioned in their post.So be certain to follow your Business name hashtag as well as your keywords when you look at analytics.

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