World Of Warcraft – Rogue Gold Making

Gold can be tough to come by in World of Warcraft if you don’t know how to get it. Sure, everyone knows how to farm for Primals, or use your professions to make a little extra… But where do people get those mass amounts of gold for their epic flying mounts without buying it online? Answer: People develop tricks. The king of the tricks, and probably one of the most well kept secrets of the Rogue community is chest farming.

When someone says chest farming in the World of Warcraft community, people are inclined to think about the Tempest Keep: Mechanar glitch that was fixed many patches ago, making most rogues think there is no more money in chest farming. While that much gold that quickly is still unreachable, there is another option that pays off almost as well. The best part of it all? It’s not a glitch.

Auchindon: Mana Tombs is where the magic will occur. Monsters in this zone are between levels 63-65 and can easily be taken in groups of three by a single rogue. Because all of the chests have 3 monsters guarding them, this makes it logical for Mana Tombs to be chest farmed. What do you need? A little knowledge, and skill (both of which any level 70 will have).

First off, familiarize yourself with the instance. Stealth around the instance and learn where the two spawn points of the chests are (there are always two). Don’t be scared when walking around bosses, as you don’t even need to Distract them. Make sure to be careful of patrols and learn their paths, as occasionally patrols should effect the timing of your Sap or your Sap break.

Next, find your first target chest, and look around for incoming patrols. If there is a patrol, be sure to time your Sap correctly. In Mana Tombs, you will fight three different humanoids. Usually only two different types. The healer, the caster, and the physical damage monster. Sap whichever you prefer first, it doesn’t really make a difference. Use your opener on an un-Sapped monster, and follow this with Blade Flurry, Adrenaline Rush, and Evasion. Cloak of Shadows when necessary. After the first two monsters are dead, either vanish and open on the third, or just go over and break the sap manually as you should still be ok.

After you have killed all three monsters, open the chest to claim your gold and items. Each chest yields between five and seven gold. They also each have at least one green, and a decent chance of a blue quality item. The chance of a blue quality item is around 10%. You also have a chance to get gems from these chests. It also helps it if you are an enchanter so you can disenchant all of the greens you obtain from chests. Disenchanting is the bread and butter of this method, and can score you great amounts of gold along with the gold you get from the chests. Pokemon go account will guide the person in catching of multiple pokemon at the same time. It will provide different gold rewards to the players. the playing of the game will become interesting and entertaining.

Finally, here are some extra tips to help you in your farming:

– Always pickpocket as long as Vanish is up (in case of failure).

– Don’t forget about your timers (don’t attack something during the 5 minute cool down wait).

– There is a poison vendor right outside of Mana Tombs.

– You may only reset the instance 5 times per hour, before being locked out for a fixed amount of time.