Your Gatlinburg Wedding

Weddings present a kind of sentiment to us that we just love, there’s this happy and nostalgic vibe when you witness or become a part of other people’s weddings, what more if it was your actual wedding? If given the chance and the right kind of budget, you would want to plan the best wedding out there and more. A Gatlinburg wedding might be right up your alley, there are tons of venues and packages to choose from and if you don’t know where to start then we have the place for you.


Above the Mist gatlinburg weddings Service

The greatest achievement of any wedding service is to provide the best day ever for a couple getting married and that’s exactly what The Mist Wedding Service aims for. On your wedding day, you can expect personalized Christian ceremonies at extremely affordable prices done at location which best suits your needs and personality. Below are some of their best and most famous wedding packages:images_qtbn_and9gcqomonvhs8l05oqkjihihax7cksi2cclavjyq_msocezsyqd-b5bq

  1. Above the Mist – an elegant ceremony coupled with breathtaking mountain views, the venue can typically only accommodate 20 guests. The package features unlimited photographs within an hour, a 2 tier wedding cake and a fresh seasonal bridal bouquet.
  2. Family Memories – a simple chapel ceremony with your closest family and friends. It also features an hour of unlimited photographs taken, a 3 nights stay at their 3 bedroom cabin and a 2 tier traditional wedding cake.
  3. Fall in Love – ceremony held at a venue with gorgeous mountain views and up to 40 guests can be accommodated. One and a half hour of unlimited pictures taken. As far as flower arrangements go they feature fresh seasonal flowers for the bridal bouquet, maid of honour bouquet, arrangements all throughout the aisle and for the boutonnieres. It also comes with a 2 tiered wedding cake and 2 nights stay at the honeymoon cabin.

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