4 Social Networking Sites that Pay

A majority of us are on social networking sites and I am one of them myself. What I don’t like is that a lot of them don’t pay you at all for being there but I have found four that actually will pay depending on how active you are. If you are sick and tired and want to make income in conjunction to the other things that you are currently doing, check these sites out where some of these had been around as long as I can remember but there is one that is the newest out of the bunch here. To get started, here they are.

  1. Zenzuu

This is one of the places where it is a revenue sharing site that are unlike any other that I know of. There are ways where you can try to recruit others about it and you may get credit for referring others if they sign up under you. If you are not convince, they have a 800 toll free number that anybody can call to get some more information. If you have been active in it for at least 30 times a month, a potential to make even more. 

  1. Yuwie

I don’t personally like this site very much but it is another site to consider checking out and make money with. This site is not allowed to post it at such places like myspace which I have no reason why. For a majority of the other places that you can try to recruit others, it’s ok to look for others that might be interested in this opportunity. It’s another revenue sharing kind of thing here. 

  1. 6dgr

I don’t know much but you can definitely earn some money on here by referring others. They have at least 4 different ways for you to get paid. I like that they do pay you. The downside to it is that you get payment either by Etrade or Accountnow prepaid card where the money would go on to. The format which remind me of the way myspace does.

  1. Vivas.Me

It is the newest social networking site that pay people like us to socialize with each other in the community where we all interact with each other. I don’t know what their payment plans are but during the month of December 2008, they did have that $10 to people that sign up. I think that this is another good opportunity to join this because it is still new and the sooner that you get in it, the better where you would be able to make even more. I consider this one as one of the best. Different social media sites are offering the advantage of buying of the followers. With the Instagram Buy Followers option, a business person can open an account for the promotion of the product. The profit of the business firms will be increased with the availability of option.